Discover The Best Accounting Universities In Canada 

Best Accounting Universities In Canada 

Just as we have numerous schools in Canada that offer various courses, we also have a list of the best accounting Universities in Canada for students who want to work as accountants. 

Every child who has a passion for becoming an accountant in the future should enroll in a well-accredited institution that will offer the best in that course they want to study. Canada has one of the best schools that offer accounting courses, with many graduated students doing great. 

Accounting is not a course you can study on your own or a job you can go for without education. This course or field needs education to the fullest, and also needs one to be trained by professionals who have ideas in that course, so you can become professional in that field and get a job because of your certificate. 

Is Canada Good for Accounting?

Canada is one of the most outstanding countries with a good education record and has top universities that rank among the best schools with accredited courses. 

Accounting is one of the most in-demand professions in Canada and requires one to be highly educated with a reasonable degree before you can get a job, and jobs in this field are also in high demand with good pay. 

Therefore, when you study accounting in Canada and have good grades, a job awaits you, with good pay that can help you build your future. When you also study accounting in Canada, you will have a more significant opportunity to mingle with top professionals in the field and get trained by them. 

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Best Accounting Universities In Canada 

1. McGill University

Established in 1821 by King George IV under the vision of James McGill, this university ranks first among the best universities for accounting in Canada and also one of the best in the world. 

The great institution is located in Montreal, Canada, a public university that ranks number 35 by QS World University Rankings 2020 and offers 400+ programs. 

In addition, the school is well known for its MBA and programs in finance, analytics, law, and other fields, with many graduated students doing great in the field. 

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2. York University

Established in 1959, York University also got a spot in Canada’s list of best accounting colleges. This institution also ranks as the 2nd largest institute in Ontario and the 3rd largest in Canada, with over 11 faculties in various streams. 

In addition, the outstanding school has a few great law, management, and finance programs, well-established buildings, and is well-known for providing good financial aid to students. 

You might love to know that the school was voted the number 1 business school in The Economics, 2019, with a good amount of students performing well in that field. 

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3. University of Toronto

Ranking 3rd place on our list of most outstanding accounting universities in Canada is the University of Toronto. This premier global institution offers higher education in several disciplines and ranks among the best institutions in the world. 

With the finance program being one of its leading fields, the school has over 90 programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and a good number of graduated students are doing great in that field.

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4. University of British Columbia (UBC)

One of the best schools with outstanding results in Vancouver, Canada, is the UBC, also known to make a spot among the best schools in Canada for accounting. It offers all accounting-related courses for admitted students to perfect themselves in that field. 

Furthermore, the great institution offers a wide range of graduate and postgraduate degrees in international economics, business administration, and more, which helps all students to do great in their field. 

In addition, the great institution also offers industry-relevant programs, coupled with an experienced faculty, which significantly helps all students to do well in their field of study. 

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5. Université de Montréal

Established in 1878, located in Montreal, Canada, this institution also got a spot among the best accounting schools in Canada and offers specializations and graduate programs in finance, management, and economics. 

The school has made an excellent name for itself, ranking number 7 in the Best Universities in Canada by Shanghai Ranking (2019).

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6. McMaster University

Established in 1887 and located in Hamilton, Ontario, McMaster University houses over 4000+ international students, with excellent and standard buildings. 

This institution offers 3000+ programs with more than 70 research centers and institutes in Canada, which makes it rank among the best accounting universities in Canada. 

In addition, the university, ranked number 4 in Canada as per QS (2020), offers several graduate and postgraduate degrees in economics, commerce, accounting, and finance. 

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7. Université Laval

Located in Quebec City, this school is the first French-language university in North America, ranks among the best accounting colleges in Canada, and offers 500+ programs with over 1000+ online courses. 

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In addition, the great institution offers several distance learning programs around financial data management, analytics, and more, for all admitted students to do great in their field of passion. 

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8. Queen’s University

Last on our list of best accounting schools in Canada is Queen’s University, located in Ontario, Canada, with suitable building structures and professionals who will educate you extensively. 

This institution was established in 1841 by the royal charter of Queen Victoria, and consistently, it ranks among the top universities in Canada, with well-accredited courses. 

Furthermore, the great institution offers 150+ graduate and undergraduate courses in finance, accounting, and business administration. 

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Kickstart your journey in the world of finance as you study at any of the above-listed best accounting universities in Canada, so you can gain the best knowledge you need in finance and do great in that field.

Lastly, above are not just the best accounting schools in Canada, but our selected Best. 

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