Cheap Boarding Schools in Zambia and Their Locations

Cheap Boarding Schools in Zambia

This article from TwinkleHub offers a list of cheap boarding schools in Zambia, including their locations and other vital things to know about those schools before making the decision to enrol your child.

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Every parent who wants the best for their kids should take out time to make the right decision of institution to enrol that child, considering factors like:

  • School Environment
  • Teachers Employed 
  • Security
  • School Fees
  • School Curriculum
  • Distance of School from Home
  • School Reputation and others.

Knowing more about the school gives you ideas of how capable the school will be in terms of training your child with the right educational curriculum, to help perfect the child’s future.

Lastly, it’s very important that every parent knows the tuition fee (school fees) of the school if they want to enrol their child, to help ensure they can cater for the school fees. 

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How much do most boarding schools cost in Zambia?

Most boarding schools are expensive, including some private boarding schools. However, the range for most boarding schools is from K50,000.00 and above.

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Note that the school fees paid, don’t cover the child’s uniforms, textbooks/notebooks, accommodations, and others. You will also pay different fees unless the school decides to sum (total) everything for you as a tuition fee, then the price will be higher.

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Cheap Boarding Schools in Zambia

1. Chalo Trust School

Location: 44A/E/609, Hybrid Rd, Chamba Valley, Lusaka, Zambia.


 Contact: 0979 480254

School Fees: K71,500.00 (School Fees Link)

First on our list of affordable boarding schools in Zambia is the Chalo Trust School, known to be an outstanding Christian Boarding School offering unique state-of-the-art boarding facilities for both secondary and primary students. 

This school is among the best boarding schools in the country and also affordable despite their value. They offer high-quality accommodation to every admitted student, with a conducive learning environment and professional teachers as well.

All Boarding students at Chalo Trust School, live in dormitories with two (2) to four (4) students per dorm for the smaller dorm rooms and four (4) to six (6) students for the bigger, spacious rooms.

You will love to know that each Hostel at this school is complete with its own well-maintained shower and ablution area, including a common room and study area for the perfect learning of kids.

With a tuition fee of K71,500.00, your child will also enjoy three (3) healthy/complete meals, which are prepared by professional chefs, and properly served to all students each day, as well as good snacks at various points of the day.

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You can click the link below to visit the school’s direct link portal and read more about Chalo Trust School, including the breakdown of their school fees.

Visit School Portal 

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2. Thornhill Boarding and Day School

Location: J9FJ+FQ2, Eucalyptus, Lusaka, Zambia

Being a Government Boarding School, this institution also got a spot among the cheap boarding schools in Zambia, as all their payments (including accommodation) are very low and quite affordable for parents.

The Thornhill Boarding and Day School also rank among the best institutions in the country, as they have kept a good reputation since its establishment, and have also graduated a good number of students who are doing great in the country.

Visit School Portal 

3. Golden Bridge Day & Boarding School

Location: G8FH+FWR, Chalala, Lusaka, Zambia

If you seek a good and cheap private boarding school for your child, then you can think of Golden Bridge Day and Boarding School, known for its outstanding performance and reputation.

This school aims at perfecting every child’s future, by offering them quality education. Most Students who have graduated from this institution, have given good testimonies on how the school have shaped them into perfection.

Visit School Portal 

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4. Oakleaf Day and Boarding School

Location: Lusaka, Zambia

Another Cheap boarding school in Zambia to consider for your child is the Oakleaf Day and Boarding School, known for its uniqueness in teaching and training young kids.

This school is not just affordable, but also the best you can find in Zambia, with a difference. You can also visit the school and enjoy the sweet view of the environment, then you can fully be convinced of enrolling your kid.

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Visit School Portal 

5. David Kaunda National Technical Secondary School

Location: Yotam Muleya Rd, Lusaka, Zambia

Last on our list of cheap boarding schools in Zambia, is the David Kaunda National Technical Secondary School, also known to be among the best government boarding schools in the country with a good reputation.

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Best Government Boarding Schools in Lusaka, Zambia 

Below are the top 3 best government boarding schools in Zambia, you can as well click the link attached to read more about those schools. Top Best Government Boarding Schools in Lusaka, Zambia 

1. David Kaunda Tech. Secondary School, Lusaka

2. Thornhill Boarding and Day School

3. Nyumba Yanga Secondary School Lusaka, Zambia

List of Government Schools in Zambia 

1. David Kaunda Technical Secondary School

2. Kabulonga Boys High School

3. Kamala Secondary School

4. Lusaka Boy’s Secondary School

5. Nyumba Yanga Secondary School

6. Munali Boys Secondary School

7. Licef Primary and Secondary School

8. Lusaka High School

9. Kamulanga High School 

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