Are There Boarding Schools In Zambia That Allow Phones? (Find Out)

Boarding Schools In Zambia That Allow Phones

Boarding Schools In Zambia that allow Phones: Every parent who seeks to know if there are boarding institutions that would allow their kids to use phones, should take time and read through this article, as we have provided all the answers needed.

We all know that a kid having a phone is good for communication with the parents and others, but it also has disadvantages, which prevent most boarding schools from allowing their students to have cell phones in schools.

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Advantages of Allowing Phones in Boarding Schools

  1. Promotes healthy communication between the child and parents.
  2. Helps in the child’s education, as it will help the child learn certain things on YouTube ahead of the teacher (for smart kids).
  3. Smartphones serve as help in research and homework for kids.

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Disadvantages of Phones in Boarding Schools 

  1. Cell Phones cause distractions to kids, either in class or in their restrooms, as many kids will become addicted to video games, and forget their primary aim which is education.
  2. Phones tend to corrupt every young kid, as their brain is still tender for the things on the internet.
  3. Phones take the attention of kids from studying their books
  4. Video games on phones are a major point of distraction to kids, which will divide their attention from learning.
  5. Bad things can be learnt by the child through making use of phones in school.

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Are There Boarding Schools In Zambia That Allow Phones?

No, there is no boarding school in Zambia that allows the use of phones by children because of the many distractions that come with using cell phones.

Cell phones, including the use of laptops, are not allowed by secondary boarding school students, and it’s for the betterment of the child.

However, all boarding schools have channels of communication for parents and kids, in case of emergency. Therefore, once you register your child, be sure to collect the school’s communication line, so you can contact them anytime you wish to speak to your child.

Also don’t forget to drop your contact as well, so the school can contact you in case of an emergency. Lastly, be sure to visit your child during parents’ day, so you can have some moments of discussion with your kid on how they are enjoying the school’s environment.

I won’t buy the idea of a young child using a phone in school, especially a junior secondary school kid because it will cause many distractions and won’t allow the child to stay focused on studying.

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Is Boarding School Good for Kids?

Yes, boarding schools come with numerous advantages which makes them perfect for a child’s good education.

Enrolling your child to boarding school, helps that child to be independent, and strong. Boarding schools also builds a child’s mental thinking in various ways and improves learning efficiency with a supportive and focused environment.

Do Boarding Schools Have Summer Break?

Yes, most boarding institutions have a summer break, which is when the school might offer good summer programs, camps, or courses, but you should also know that participation is often optional.

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What Age Is Best For Boarding School?

12 to 13 years, tends to be the perfect age for every child to be enrolled into a boarding school, although emotional readiness is important as well to help that kid stay and enjoy the new school environment without the parents.


There are no boarding schools in Zambia that allow students to use their phones. Every child that has a cell phone should leave it at home when resuming school, to help the child focus on his or her studies.

There are many disadvantages to letting a child use a cell phone in a secondary or primary boarding institution, which is why no boarding academy allows students to have personal phones.

However, if you wish to communicate with your child, there is room for that, which is using the school’s official phone to call, which is necessary in case of an emergency.

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