Top 10 Best Veterinary Schools in the World and Their Locations

Veterinary Schools in the World

Are you searching for the best veterinary institution to enroll in? This article offers you the most outstanding veterinary schools worldwide and other facts about those institutions you should know.

Why Study Veterinary?

Studying veterinary offers you the opportunity to work with both people and animals, especially if you love pets and have the courage and passion for treating them in times of health challenges. Being a veterinarian is as rewarding as being a doctor.

Furthermore, as a veterinary, you help relieve the suffering of animals that have experienced certain traumatic injuries or chronic illnesses. At the same time, you see their owners’ happiness and appreciation, making it a good and rewarding career path.

What are the Best Veterinary Schools in the World?

We have numerous top institutions worldwide that offer unique veterinary courses, but below are our listed top 10 best. Also attached to each school is their direct school web portal in case you want to visit for more detailed information about them before applying.

1. The University of California, Davis (Davis, CA)

Location: at the center of Davis in Northern California’s central valley

First on our list of best veterinary schools in the world is UC Davis, as the school has kept a good record for itself over the years, and admission into the institution is very competitive but worth all the effort.

UC Davis has a minimum requirement of 2.5 GPA for a bachelor’s degree, and 180 hours of veterinary experience help positively help its admitted students flourish greatly in that field.

You should know that when applying to this institution, you must pass the GRE and provide letters of recommendation from others in the field to help increase your chances of gaining admission into this prestigious institution.

Furthermore, the school offers a four years program, which upon completion, students graduate with the school’s Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and are ready for real-world experience.

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2. University of Bern (Bern, CH)

Location: Bern (Switzerland)

The University of Bern also got a spot on our list of best veterinary schools worldwide, as they offer a unique Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree spanning six semesters and well-equipped learning facilities that helps prepare all admitted students for the next level of study in the field of veterinary.

You might love to know that in this institution’s first year of studies, teachers tend to cover a vital curriculum around the basics of veterinary medicine, providing instruction in anatomy and physiology, genetics, and pathology, among other fundamentals required in the field. Such an approach helps students do great in other years, which is one of the good aspects of this institution and why I ranked it high among the world’s best veterinary colleges.

Furthermore, the second and third years of the undergraduate program of veterinary helps build students’ higher knowledge while also comprehensively covering animal organ systems, which perfects students for the next level.

Veterinary education at the University of Bern takes five (5) semesters to complete, and I also earn the school’s Master of Veterinary Medicine degree. At the same time, the Master’s program covers important content. Also, it helps the students to pick an area of specialization in clinical or nonclinical veterinary medicine, with a further focus on either track.

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Although admission into the veterinary medicine program in this institution is highly competitive because of the good record the school has kept over the years, the school is worth every effort you make to gain admission.

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3. Royal Veterinary College (London, UK)

Location: London

London’s Royal Veterinary College also got a spot among the world’s best veterinary colleges, offering a wealth of postgraduate opportunities in clinical training, research, and further instruction.

You might also love to know that this great institution offers a wide range of Bachelor’s degrees in veterinary medicine and science as well as degrees in veterinary nursing and has graduated many students who are doing great in society.

Furthermore, the school’s Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine degree covers the fundamental knowledge that all veterinary students are expected to have in the first two years of study, which helps better them for the future.

This great school also offers the skills and knowledge essential for collaboration and clinical practice in the third, fourth, and fifth years. Through the school’s good partnership with Aberystwyth University, they offer a Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree, which emphasizes identifying and treating diseases in all types of animals.

According to research, the four-year Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Nursing offered by this institution helps fully train admitted students to provide ongoing care and administer tests and treatments to various animals.

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4. University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover (Hanover, DE)

Location: Hannover, Germany.

Ranking high among the most outstanding veterinary institutions in the world is the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, as this great school operates a top-rated veterinary program and has approximately 2000 admitted students in all veterinary programs combined.

This school’s graduate program consists of eleven (11) semesters of study to earn its Master of Science in Veterinary Medicine degree. This great school offers a Ph.D. program in Veterinary Research and Animal Biology which can be completed in roughly three (3) years.

Lastly, the school offers a Ph.D. program that is cooperatively administered with other school partners and offers a great opportunity to present research findings at international conventions.

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5. University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna (Vienna, AT)

Location: Veterinärpl. 1, 1210 Wien, Austria

Suppose you are searching for another great institution to enroll in and study veterinary. In that case, the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna is a perfect choice for you. The school offers admitted students with multiple degree programs in veterinary medicine at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

You might also love to know that this institution also offers doctoral and Ph.D. programs for advanced studies in the field of veterinary and has graduated a good number of students who are doing great in the field of veterinary, which got the school rank among the world’s best veterinary schools.

Furthermore, all admitted undergraduate students in this institution are free to either choose the Bachelor’s Program in Biomedicine and Biotechnology or the Bachelor’s Program in Equine Sciences, which after making their choice, full teachings and practical activities start to help perfect those students greatly.

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Additionally, the Master’s level programs of study at the University of Veterinary Medicine are in unique and productive areas such as comparative biomedicine, precision animal health, and evolutionary systems biology.

University of Veterinary Medicine’s Ph.D. program takes three years to be completed as it prepares students for life science, and their doctoral program prepares admitted students for a great career in applied research in veterinary medicine and awards a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree once the student completes a three (3) years of study.

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6. Nanjing Agricultural University (Nanjing, CN)

Location: Nanjing, Jiangsu province, China.

This institution is among the top leading public research universities in all of China and also got a spot among the world’s best veterinary universities with Veterinary Medicine administered under the Faculty of Animal Science, with a good number of graduate students doing great in society.

The school offers admitted students the great five years opportunity to study for a bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine and also awards both professional Master’s degrees and PhDs in veterinary medicine.

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7. University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh, UK)

Location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Suppose you want to do great as a veterinarian. In that case, consider enrolling in the prestigious University of Edinburgh School of Veterinary Studies. The school offers unique veterinary courses and has graduated many bright students doing great in the field.

You might love to know that this great institution offers two undergraduate routes for those who want to enroll in veterinary medicine, and students who wish to enter the field directly from high school will have to take five (5) years of study so that they can earn the school’s Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine & Surgery (Hons) degree.

However, other students who had their undergraduate degrees in a related field to veterinary and wished to venture into the veterinary department may be admitted into the Graduate Entry Program, and this can take them just four (4) years to complete and confer the same degree as the five (5) year program.

Graduate students can pursue taught Master’s degrees or research-oriented Master’s degrees, depending on the area of veterinary medicine they wish to enter. And students who want to study research are given Master of Science and Ph.D. degrees in various areas.

Lastly, this school is ranked among the world’s best veterinary institutions as they offer a wide range of Master’s degrees that covers basic/vital areas like poultry science, animal behavior and welfare, genetics, food safety, conservation, and equine science.

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8. Ghent University (Ghent, BE)

Location: 9000 Ghent, Belgium

Offering unique programs of study at undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels, Ghent University offers admitted students the great privilege or opportunity to study veterinary medicine at any level of choice. The school’s Bachelor-level starts with studying the fundamentals of veterinary science in biology, chemistry, and zoology to perfect them in the veterinary field.

You might love to know that the second and third years of the program in this great school examine healthy animals and potential diseases in animals before students can fully graduate with a certified Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Medicine.

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Furthermore, all the graduate students in this field take another three (3) years to earn the school’s Master of Science in Veterinary Medicine.

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9. Autonomous University of Barcelona (Barcelona, ES)

Location: Plaça Cívica, 08193 Bellaterra, Barcelona, Spain

Known to offer great learning facilities for clinical medicine, research in animal health, pathology, and food production, the Autonomous University of Barcelona also got a spot among the best veterinary institutions in the world.

Students admitted to the veterinary department are enrolled for five years in the undergraduate Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine to study in preparation for their great careers in food safety, genetic engineering, animal production, or veterinary medicine.

You might love to know that the admission rate in this school is highly competitive, as the school is among the most sought-after institutions that offer veterinary courses in the world.

Lastly, all admitted students in the school’s Master of Animal Welfare program are meant to fully complete the course of study in nine months, which helps fully prepare them to offer care for domestic, wild, and farm animals in a real-life case study.

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10. University of Copenhagen (Copenhagen, DK)

Location: Nørregade 10, 1165 København, Denmark

Our list of the world’s best and outstanding veterinary universities won’t be complete without adding the University of Copenhagen, as the school offers a three years Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Medicine and also three years master’s program with good academic performance over the years.

The school offers practical lessons with real-life facilities. Their first-year programs cover a wide range of fundamental subjects like chemistry and biochemistry before moving into biology, anatomy, and physiology of animals.

Furthermore, their second year covers diseases and pathology, while the third covers livestock diseases and provides the first opportunity to work with live animals. All these stages perfect students for real-life experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions on World’s Best Veterinary Schools.

Which Country Is Best For Veterinarians?

1. Veterinary in the USA.
2. Veterinary in Canada.
3. Veterinary in the UK.

Is Vet School Harder Than Med School?

Most people agree that vet is harder than med. Still, their requirements are similar, as biology and chemistry are fully needed in the veterinary and medical fields, but it all depends on your passion and willingness to study hard.

Is Veterinary Worth It?

Yes, studying veterinary is worth all your effort, as veterinarians are in high demand and earn greatly.


Veterinary is a good study and offers a wide range of opportunities. You can do great if you study the course in a well-accredited institution, just as we offer the most outstanding veterinary schools worldwide and their locations for easier choice-making.

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