Top 10 Best Universities in Zambia and Their Locations

Universities in Zambia

Everyone seeking the best universities in Zambia for better education, is welcome to this piece of article from TwinkleHub, as we have listed the top known outstanding higher (tertiary) institutions in the country, including a few details about those schools and their website for more inquiries.

Every citizen of Zambia should know that the country has a good number of tertiary institutions with good reputations, but the below listed are a few among the best for your choice-making, as well as help you achieve a better education.

However, before enrolling into any tertiary institution, there are things to consider which include, the school’s location, building structures, courses offered and even their tuition fees as well, to help you make better decisions.

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What To Consider When Choosing a University in Zambia

Below are listed things you should have in mind when picking an institution in Zambia.

  1. The School’s Reputation
  2. Courses Offered (Programs)
  3. Tuition Fees (School Fees)
  4. Location of School
  5. Accreditation

What are the Best Universities in Zambia?

Below are the top 10 Best Universities in Zambia, and we also attached each school’s direct website link so you can as well visit to make more inquiries about each institution before finally deciding on the one that suits you best.

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1. University of Zambia (UNZA)

Location: Lusaka, Zambia

One of the best universities in Zambia is the popular University of Zambia, situated in Lusaka. Established in 1965, and officially opened in 1966, this institution (University of Zambia), is known as the largest/oldest learning institution in the country with a good reputation.

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At the University of Zambia, their mood of communication (interaction) is English, and International students are also welcome to apply for enrollment and enjoy a good education in a wide range of unique programs in fields like medicine, engineering, business, humanities, and social sciences.

The University of Zambia, also identified as UNZA also provides several good/unique academic and non-academic facilities and services to all their admitted students including a good/fully equipped library, housing, standard sports facilities, good financial aid and/or scholarships, study abroad programs, great online courses and distance learning opportunities, and others. 

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2. The Copperbelt University (CBU)

Location: Kitwe, Zambia

Another outstanding university in Zambia offering good education is the Copperbelt University (CBU), known to be among the leading technical universities in Zambia, with well-equipped laboratories/workshops for practical learning.

Established in 1987 with the aim of perfecting students in love with science, CBU majorly specializes in science, engineering, and technology-related programs, which makes it perfect for those who are interested in science. This school has also gained good recognition for its outstanding research activities/industry partnerships.

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3. Northrise University

Location: Ndola

If you seek a well-disciplined and recognized university in Zambia, then you should consider Northrise University, known popularly as a Christian university that aims at properly equipping all admitted students with both academic knowledge and moral values that will help better their future.

You may love to know that this institution offers unique/quality programs in business, information technology, theology, and social sciences for students interested.

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4. Rusangu University

Location: Monze, Zambia 

Another great Christian institution that’s recognized among the best universities in Zambia is the Rusangu University, offering programs in various fields of study like business, education, humanities, and health sciences, with the aim of perfecting every child’s future.

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This school has an outstanding reputation in disciplining and all students admitted must adhere to all regulations guiding the institution for perfect growth.

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5. Mulungushi University

Location: Kabwe, Zambia

Mulungushi University is another known comprehensive university in Zambia that graduates students in the fields of business, agriculture, education, and social sciences, and also helps shape their future in the proper direction.

With a good reputation, this institution is committed to providing unique/quality education and also producing young graduates who can greatly contribute to Zambia’s socio-economic development.

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6. Information and Communication University (ICU)

Location: Lusaka, Zambia 

Popular Information and Communication University, also identified as ICU, is ranked among the best universities in Zambia and specializes in excellent programs related to information technology, communication, and media studies. 

This school perfect their students in every field of Study that is related to their program and helps perfect students in the digital world.

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7. University of Lusaka

Location: Capital City

The University of Lusaka, also identified as UNILUS, is one of the best private universities in the country that has kept a good reputation since it was established.

This school offers a wide range of good and unique programs in business, law, humanities, and social sciences for all interested students.

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8. Cavendish University Zambia

Location: Lusaka, Zambia

Another great private university in Zambia is Cavendish University Zambia with not just a good reputation but also a good learning environment with a perfect curriculum that covers areas in business, law, and social sciences. 

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Most students enjoy the good building structures in this school, including their conducive learning classes, which help students stay focused on learning.

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9. ZCAS University

Location: Lusaka, Zambia 

ZCAS University offers good programs which ranks it among the best universities in Zambia with a difference. This school also has a good environment that’s perfect for the proper education of their students.

The major programs offered at ZCAS University include business, finance, and information technology for interested students.

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10. Copperstone University

Location: Kitwe, Zambia 

Lastly on our list of good/outstanding Universities in Zambia is Copperstone University, known to be among the best private institutions in the country with a difference.

This school offers good programs in medicine, pharmacy, and health sciences, with professor lectures dedicated to perfecting every child’s career path.

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Is Zambia Perfect For Education

Yes, Zambia is among the best African countries for quality education, as they have a certain number of accredited institutions (both primary/secondary schools and tertiary) recognized in Africa.

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