Top Best Senior High Schools in Central Region, Ghana 

Best Senior High Schools in Central Region

Those who seek the best senior high schools in the Central Region of Ghana are welcome to this article written by TwinkleHub

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What are the Best Senior High Schools in Central Region, Ghana?

Below are the top SHS (Senior high School) located in Ghana’s Central Region, including a few details about those schools, and their website links attached.

1. Aggrey Memorial A.M.E. Zion Senior High School

Tel: +233 332-132212


First on our list of best SHS in the Central Region of Ghana is the Aggrey Memorial A.M.E. Zion Senior High School, known to be among the outstanding public, coeducational high schools in Cape Coast, Ghana. 

One good aspect of this school is that it places a high priority on the Arts and Sciences, with standard facilities and a conducive environment. 

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2. Adisadel College

Tel: +233 33 213 2543


Next on our list of best senior high schools in Central Region, Ghana is the Adisadel College, known to be a boarding secondary school that accepts the male gender only, which means it’s a boy’s secondary school.

This school is among the oldest SHS in the country, which was established in 1910 with the aim of perfecting every young child in the country with its learning facilities and conducive learning environment.

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3. Holy Child High School

Tel: +233 33 213 2733


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Holy Child School is another outstanding SHS in Ghana that accepts only Girls, and it’s located in the Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly. This school has admitted a good number of female students since it was established in 1946 and has built young girls academically.

This school has also offered its young students job-focused training for specific careers. You can use the link below to visit the school’s portal for more information.

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4. Mfantsipim School

Tel: +233 24 474 8992


Mfantsipim School is another good all-boys public boarding school, located in the Cape Coast district, and also among the oldest institutions in the Central Region of Ghana, as it was established in 1876 by the Methodist Church.

This school has built many young boys to become successful in their career paths, and the quality education offered in this institution has kept it among the best SHS in the country.

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5. Apam Senior High School

Tel: +233 24 405 8357


If you seek for a well-disciplined SHS in the Central Region, you should think of Apam Senior High School, as a perfect option. This school is a mixed public school in Gomoa West District.

Established in 1953, this school has kept a good record for itself and has trained students greatly, including taking them out for competition with other schools.

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6. Wesley Girls’ Senior High School

Tel: +233 50 228 8449


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Wesley Girls’ High School, also identified as WGHS is another perfect all-girls educational institution located in Cape Coast, Central Region of Ghana.

This school was established in 1836 and named after the founder of Methodism, John Wesley. The school has trained many students who are doing great in higher institutions.

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7. Ghana National College

Tel: +233 04 232 357


Ghana National College is another perfect public institution in Ghana, with top professional teachers and a good learning environment for students. This school was established in 1948 and has kept a good record since it was established, which got it ranked among the best senior high schools in Ghana.

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8. University Practice Secondary School

Tel: +233 50 980 0062


Established in 1876, the University Practice Secondary School ranks among the best Senior High Schools in the Central Region of Ghana, with the aim to serve the community by offering quality education to young ones.

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9. Mfantsiman Girls’ Secondary School

Tel: +233 33 219 2017


Mfantsiman Girls’ Secondary School is another perfect all-girls public secondary school with discipline and offers a good education for all admitted students.

Established in 1960, the school has kept rising among the best SHS in Ghana, as they offer subjects like agriculture, home economics, visual arts, general science, business, and general arts, more uniquely.

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10. St. Augustine’s College

Tel: +233 33 213 2733 


Another outstanding all-boys secondary institution is St. Augustine’s College, established in 1930, with the aim of perfecting all young talents to do great in society.

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We hope you make a great choice from the above-listed best Senior High Schools (SHS) in the Central Region of Ghana. Also, feel free to use the comment section below for more inquiries about the above-listed schools.

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