Discover the Top Best Secondary Schools in Montreal for Exceptional Education

Best Secondary Schools in Montreal

In this comprehensive guide (article), TwinkleHub offers the best secondary schools in Montreal that offer exceptional education and specific holistic development opportunities to all interested kids. 

Furthermore, when it comes to offering high-quality education, Montreal boasts a diverse range of secondary schools that cater to various academic and extracurricular interests, which makes the city a perfect place for your child’s education. 

Top Best Secondary Schools in Montreal

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1. Jean-de-Brebeuf in Montreal

Jean-de-Brebeuf is among Montreal’s best private secondary schools, with unique science and mathematics streams for students.

This school welcomes boys and girls with affordable tuition, a conducive learning environment, and facilities. 

2. Anglophone Schools in Montreal

Ranking next in our list of the best/most outstanding secondary schools in Montreal is the Anglophone schools in Montreal, known as a private school in Quebec City.

This school has a unique and standard teaching curriculum with top-educated teachers to help perfect admitted students, and they accept both boys and girls. 

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3. Saint-Nom-de-Marie in Montreal

With a good learning curriculum and conducive environment, Saint-Nom-de-Marie also got a spot among Montreal’s best secondary schools for your kids. 

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4. Beurling Academy

Beurling Academy is among Montreal’s best secondary schools and the safest and most disciplined institution for your kid. 

The institution has an excellent building structure at 6100 Champion Blvd, Verdun, Quebec. 

5. College Saint-Louis in Montreal

Located at 275 36e Av, LACHINE QUEBEC H8T 2A4, College Saint-Louis School is among Montreal’s oldest and most outstanding secondary schools, with a good reputation since its establishment. 

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6. Ali Ibn Abi Talib in Montreal

Ali Ibn Talib is among the oldest private institutions in Montreal, located at 1610 Rue de Beauharnois O, Montreal, with a conducive learning environment and facilities. 

7. John Grant High School

John grants high school is among the best private schools in Montreal that’s fully oriented for students’ growth and proper development, which got it a spot among the best secondary schools in the city. 

8. Emmanuel Christian School

If you are seeking the most outstanding secondary school for your kid in Montreal, consider the Emmanuel Christian School, as they aim at perfecting young minds for a better career path, which also got them a spot among Montreal’s best secondary schools. 

The Emmanuel Christian School is in Canada at 4698 Boul, Saint-Jean, Dollard-dee-Ormeaux.

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What Are The Best Boarding Schools In Canada?

  1. Ashbury College. Ottawa, Canada.
  2. Bishop’s College School. Sherbrooke, Canada. 
  3. Branksome Hall. Toronto, Canada.
  4. Brentwood College School. Mill Bay, Canada. 
  5. King’s-Edgehill School. Windsor, Canada. 
  6. Lakefield College School. Lakefield, Canada. 
  7. Merrick Preparatory School. Merrickville, Canada. 
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What Is The Cheapest Boarding School?

Below are a few affordable boarding schools you can enroll your kids in. 

  1. Caxton College.
  2. Bond Academy. 
  3. Red Bird Christian School.
  4. Alma Mater International School.
  5. Colchester Royal Grammar School.
  6. Bronte College.
  7. Oakdale Christian Academy.

What Age Is Best For Boarding School?

The age of 8 to 13 is considered appropriate for sending your kids to a boarding school, but be sure the child is emotionally capable of handling being away from home.

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