Top Best Private Boarding Schools in Zambia

Best Private Boarding Schools in Zambia

Private boarding schools offer great and unique educational value to every child’s life, and all parents seeking the best private boarding schools in Zambia, are welcomed to this article.

TwinkleHub has compiled content about the best boarding schools in Zambia, which you can feel free to check using the link attached. However, this article covers the top most outstanding private boarding schools in the country, including their direct link portals, which will enable you to visit the school’s official website for further inquiries.

Every private institution is owned by an individual and has various standards to satisfy the needs of many. However, the tuition fees (school fees) of private institutions are higher than government or federal-owned institutions.

However, before making a choice of boarding school for your child, there are various factors to consider, which includes;

  • School Location 
  • School Fees
  • Accommodations of School
  • Building Structures 
  • School Distance from Home
  • Environment of School and Security
  • Teaching Curriculum
  • Teachers Admitted 
  • Schools History and others 

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Top Best Private Boarding Schools in Zambia

1. Crested Crane Academy 


Phone: +260 211 840 507 or +260 973 573 717

School Address: Leopards Hill Road, (3.5km from Crossroads Mall), Lusaka, Zambia.

Crested Crane Academy is among the best-known private schools in Zambia, with outstanding performance over the years. This private institution offers a good Zambian curriculum from baby class to Grade 12, including IGCSE from Grade 10 to help perfect all kids’ futures.

This school has good Boarding facilities with a Library and resource centre, including a computer lab and science labs, to help students in their practical learning.

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Aside from learning, the school also offers sports activities that cover Soccer, Tennis, Swimming, Netball, Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, and Cricket for students to make a pick of any sports activities they enjoy most.

Furthermore, this school (Crested Crane), offers boarding for primary and secondary pupils, and you may be interested to know that the school separates boarding houses for girls and boys.

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2. Thornhill Boarding and Day School 

Location: Lusaka Zambia

Established in 1999 by founders Mary and Joseph Chungu, Thornhill School is another outstanding private boarding school in Zambia with all the qualifications needed to perfect students.

It may interest you to know that the Thornhill School first started as a primary school and by 2003 they had their first grade 12 class sitting for exams, and now this school has gained a name for itself, as they offer education services from pre-grades all through to grade 12, including boarding school.

This school works hand in hand with every child’s parent, to achieve the best results for each child, and they also offer multiple extra-curricular activities which include sports, girl guides, scouts, scripture union, jets, debate clubs and so many more. 

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3. Ashford Academy, Lusaka

Location: Lusaka, Zambia

Ashford Academy is another private boarding school in Zambia and also the latest institution in the Rhodes Park Schools Group, with good academic performances over the years.

This school is a non-denominational secondary boarding school situated on Ngwerere Road, just north of Lusaka, Zambia, with a good environment and security.

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4. Musikili Primary and Secondary School, Zambia

Best Private Boarding Schools in Zambia
Musikili Primary and Secondary School, Zambia

Location: Mazabuka District of the Southern Province, about 15 kilometres to the west of Mazabuka

Searching for another perfect private boarding school for your kid, consider the Musikili Primary School, known to welcome both boys and girls from grade 1 to grade 7, and offers a unique education experience for Grade R -Grade 7, including good weekly and termly boarding from Grade 1 on their Mazabuka campus.  

This private boarding institution is dedicated to creating an exceptional place of learning that is solely built on a strong sense of community and a unique ethos. 

Having professional teachers, this great boarding academy is aimed at properly developing young children into future leaders by offering a super holistic education, marked by personal excellence.  

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5. Golden Bridge Day and Boarding School

Lastly, another outstanding private boarding school in Zambia to enrol your child in is the Golden Bridge Day and Boarding School, also known as a school of academic excellence, with good academic records.

This school offers a secure, positive and intellectually stimulating environment that nurtures individual development, and a conducive learning environment.

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What Is Day And Boarding School?

In a simpler explanation, we say Boarding schools are well-built residential schools where every admitted student lives on campus during the school terms without going home except during holidays. Day schools are where admitted students attend classes at the school during school periods, but return to their various homes every day after school ends.

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