Best Primary Schools in Perth Australia 

Best Primary Schools in Perth Australia 

Just as we have a compiled list of the best elementary schools in Maryland, we have also made a list of the top most outstanding primary schools in Perth, Australia, with some essential information you should know about those schools. 

Best Primary Schools in Perth Australia

We Have numerous elementary schools in Perth Australia, but the below are out top best.

1. Floreat Park Primary School

First on our list of best primary schools in Perth, Australia, is the Floreat Park Primary School, located in the district of Floreat. This outstanding school is credited as an independent public school that serves students from kindergarten to grade 6.

This school has recorded an outstanding academic performance, aiming to cultivate a friendly school culture and make all admitted students happy and proud of themselves, their families and the school. 

Apart from having an outstanding academic performance, Floreat Park Primary School has an exceptional performance in sports and cultural achievements. All admitted students also have a high degree of recognition of the school, showing high self-esteem.

With great teachers and well-established building structures, it is worth mentioning that the music curriculum in this school is robust, teaching seven musical instruments, which your child might enjoy if they are a music lover, and no child doesn’t love music. 

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2. Oberthur Primary School

With a record of more than 500 full-time students, the Oberthur Primary School ranks second in our list of best elementary schools in Perth, Australia, and this school is located in the Bull Creek area in the southern suburbs of Perth, which is an independent public primary school with standard structures and well-trained teachers. 

Every parent can confidently send their child to this great school because the school enjoys a high reputation locally and in the broader community. The campus life of this great school is rich and diverse since all admitted students hill from different cultures and backgrounds. This allows your kid to meet and mingle with people from different countries and learn more about other countries. 

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Although most students in this school are Australian locals, it also has many admitted international students (Students from other countries). The school is also part of the first public primary school established in Western Australia to adopt Chinese immersion teaching. 

In addition, the great institution ranks as one of the top best public primary schools in Perth. Oberthur Primary School also has excellent academic performance, and its admitted students often win gold medals in math, English, computer and science competitions. 

You might love to know that Oberthur’s students are very good at sports because it offers a variety of sports and physical education courses, which your kid might enjoy if they are sports lovers. You know sport is also a reasonable means of physical exercise, which is also recommended for every child because all seriousness and no play make a child not very smart. 

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3. Hale School

Established in 1858, the famous known Hale School is the oldest boys’ school in Western Australia and one of Perth’s top private primary schools with excellent performance and outstanding records. It offers a spot on our list of best elementary schools in Perth, Australia. 

Furthermore, this institution provides comprehensive and tailored education for boys in grades 1-12 and encourages all admitted students to develop physical function, coordination, strength and physical fitness. 

The school also attaches great importance to cultivating student leadership. They aim to discover new ways to train students and themselves as leaders, making them unique and outstanding in various ways.

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4. Nedlands Primary School

Nedlands Primary School is another excellent public primary school in Perth, also recognized among the most outstanding primary schools in Perth, Australia, with academic performance. 

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Located in Nedlands near The University of Western Australia, Nedlands Primary school has become one of the best Perth elementary schools because of its high-quality and experienced teaching staff, etc. 

The great institution also offers a wide range of intensive courses, which include French, Mandarin, physical education, orchestra, visual arts, ESL support, and so on, to perfect their students greatly. 

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5. International School of Western Australia

Lastly, the International School of Western Australia also got a spot in this researched list of best primary schools in Perth, as it is a co-educational private school in Perth with trained teachers and complete academic facilities. 

The international school of Western Australia adopts the IB global curriculum system. Also, it adopts splendid teaching methods that comprehensively use knowledge of various subjects and all other essential methods to support all admitted students’ world-class education. 

Furthermore, the unique teaching system, modern hardware facilities and excellent teaching effects of this school make it an international leading primary school and offer it a spot on this list.

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Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Primary Schools in Perth, Australia. 

Are there Good Schools in Perth?

We have varieties of good schools in Perth with outstanding academic performance, ranging from primary schools to universities. 
Therefore, if you live in Perth, Australia, and want your child to study and perform well in Perth, then you have nothing to worry about as Perth has excellent schools with good academic performance and well-trained teachers. 

Why is Primary School Important?

Every child needs to pass through primary education because it aims to ensure the development of children – to develop their social, cognitive, cultural, emotional and physical skills to the best of their abilities. 
Furthermore, Primary education is essential because it helps to improve children’s awareness, opens opportunities and reduces inter-generational poverty.

How do I choose a Good Primary School?

First, you must consider your child’s personality and talents and know the school that will perfect that child’s ability by learning more about the school and its performance in the academic world. 
Next is to check out all admission criteria of any school you want to enrol your kid in before you apply to see if your child will be eligible.
Lastly, consider your budget of financial income if it can afford the tuition fee throughout your child’s learning period. 


We hope the above list of best elementary schools in Perth, Australia and information help you immensely. 

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