Best Online Meteorology Schools (Top 5 Results)

Online Meteorology Schools

Just as we have a compiled list of the best Meteorology and Atmospheric Science schools in Texas, we also offer you a few best online meteorology schools you can apply for and gain the best education needed to excel as a meteorologist. 

Duties of Meteorologists

Meteorology and atmospheric science are all about studying and preparing for extreme weather and giving scientific advice before and after it happens.

So, meteorologists are known for giving early warnings when dangerous storms or flooding could hurt people or damage their property. They can also predict outbreaks of diseases that spread through the air or water.

Why Study Meteorology Online? 

The ability to study meteorology and atmospheric science from your home has several advantages, including the alleviation of stress and the provision of specialized educational opportunities. Most topics covered in online Bachelor of Science in Meteorology programs include general circulation patterns, numerical and statistical analysis topics, atmospheric predictability, and meteorological phenomena.

Importance/Usefulness of Meteorology 

1. Meteorology is important for weather forecasting because weather forecasting is the most visible face of meteorology to the public. And using atmospheric indicators, using scientific methods and tools to predict how the weather will look during the day or shortly.

2. Meteorology is also important in the agricultural field (Agricultural Meteorology), as it helps farmers determine when to sow when to harvest, and how to protect crops against erratic weather. 

3. Marine Meteorology also helps those who work at sea, such as commercial fishermen, military navy, shipping transportation companies, and other marine-related businesses, to be aware of the current weather conditions where they are or where they will be operating.

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What are the Best Online Meteorology Schools in the World? 

Although numerous institutions offer meteorology courses online, below are our top 5 best online meteorology institutions in the world. 

1. Texas A&M University

First on our list of best online meteorology schools is Texas A&M University, which offers an Online Bachelor Of Science in Meteorology, also one of the best online courses offered by the well-known Department of Atmospheric Sciences at Texas A&M University. 

This school has offered good meteorology courses online and also gained a good number of enrolled students in the field, and as a result of earning a B.S. degree in Meteorology, admitted students are often employed by the National Weather Service, a private meteorological consulting/weather forecasting firm, television stations, universities, state governments, agricultural firms, and computer companies. 

Coursework to expect in this school’s program includes:

  • Weather forecasting
  • Climatology
  • Cloud physics
  • Atmospheric chemistry

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2. Mississippi State University

Mississippi State University ranks second in our list of top outstanding meteorology schools online, which offers an Online Bachelor of Science in Geosciences- Broadcast and Operational Meteorology with a good acceptance rate. 

This school’s online meteorology program covers all aspects of meteorology. It has gained massive fame in the industry. Many top reporters from newspapers, educators, military personnel, meteorologists from the National Weather Service, and general hobbyists are enrolled in this institution’s program.

Courses offered in this institution include:

  • Weather and Climate
  • Natural Hazards
  • Physical Geography
  • Physical Climatology
  • Intro World Geography

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3. University of Arizona

The Online Bachelor of Applied Science in Meteorology from the University of Arizona is among the best and most well-known online meteorology courses. Because of this, the school made this list of the best online meteorology schools in the world.

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You might be interested to know that all accepted students with a weather technology degree from the U.S. Air Force’s Community College of the Air Force are eligible for this unique bachelor’s degree program. Students who are accepted can also choose different topics, but their program advisor must first approve them.

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4. Penn State University

To study Meteorology and Atmospheric Science online, try Penn State University Online Bachelor of Science in Meteorology. The school’s four-year programs all lead to a bachelor’s degree in Meteorology.

Meteorology students are encouraged to do internships as part of their education. Internships are a great way for admitted students to get more experience; employers see them as a plus. After getting their bachelor’s degree, students can use their skills to interpret atmospheric observations and use them in real-world situations.

Some of the core courses of the Meteorology and Atmospheric Science program include:

  • Environmental meteorology
  • Atmospheric sciences
  • Weather risk management
  • Weather forecasting and communications

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5. Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Lastly on this list of best meteorology schools online is the Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, known to offer a unique online Bachelor of Science in Meteorology and has a good acceptance rate. 

Meteorology studies at Embry-Riddle prepare all accepted students to work for the National Weather Service, the U.S. military, commercial companies, aviation companies, and broadcasters, which you might find interesting.

This school also gives students a mix of theory and hands-on experience to ensure they are ready to work in the business world. The small class sizes give students access to experienced teachers and the latest weather forecasting and observation equipment.

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Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Online Meteorology Schools

What are the Responsibilities of a Meteorologist?

Meteorologists study the environment and lower parts of the atmosphere to track and predict weather patterns.

What are the skills expected of a Meteorologist? 

As a meteorologist, you must know how to use high-tech tools like supercomputers to gather data from satellites, radars, and radiosondes.

What Are The Career Opportunities For Meteorology Degree Holders?

Research shows that a bachelor’s degree is enough to get an entry-level job in meteorology or atmospheric science.
But if you want to work in research or for global agencies like the World Meteorological Organization, you need a PhD or a master’s degree.

How Much Do Meteorologists Earn?

The average salary of a meteorologist is between $80,353 and $129,135, but this can vary depending on the person’s location, responsibilities, and education, as well as their work experience and education.


If you want to study Meteorology and Atmospheric Science online, the schools above offer the best courses that fit your interests.

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