Top 6 Best Music Schools in Hong Kong and Other Handy Information

Music Schools in Hong Kong

Suppose you seek the most outstanding music schools in Hong Kong, China. In that case, we have a good list of the top 6 outstanding conservatories with handy information about those institutions and their direct school links.

There are outstanding educational institutions in Hong Kong, formally known as the People’s Republic of China’s Hong Kong Special Administrative Area, devoted to improving students.

What Kind Of Music Is Popular In Hong Kong?

Cantopop is a kind of music that is popular in Hong Kong.

What is the most popular language in Hong Kong?

Cantonese is the most popular language in Hong Kong, and more people in Hong Kong can speak it, more than English.

What are the Best Music Schools in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong has top musical schools, but the top 6 outstanding conservatories for adults and kids are listed below.

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1. Hong Kong International Institute of Music

Address: 182 Po Kong Village Rd, Diamond Hill, Hong Kong

Ranking first in our list of best music schools in Hong Kong is the Hong Kong International Institute of Music, with an outstanding academic performance since it was established in July 1988.

Hong Kong International Institute of Music welcomes young music minds as they open them to experience the beauty and kindness of classical music through orthodox music training.

The school’s music curriculum enables their admitted students to develop more noble sentiments and life ideals, including allowing them to enjoy the fun of music as they cultivate a new generation of young music talents.

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Furthermore, this music academy is a non-profit Christian educational organization registered with the Education Bureau. Their highly qualified instructors help nurture the growth of students with the love and truth of Christ.

​Suppose you wish to perfect your musical talent. In that case, consider the Hong Kong International Institute of Music. Their conservatory has choirs, choir chamber music groups, guitar ensembles, handbell teams and other bands, which admit students can strengthen their singing and ensemble experience.

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2. Academy

Address: 19/F, Casey Aberdeen House, 38 Heung Yip Rd, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong Academy is another outstanding music academy that offers an inclusive community that cultivates passion and excellence in classical music, with standard studios and highly qualified instructors.

This music institution welcomes kids who have a passion for music and want to build it from a young age. The institution knows how to nurture young music students as they take time to build and perfect kids’ skills and career paths.

Having around 15 soundproofed teaching studios, this music academy provides one-on-one classes, including instrument teachings like piano, violin, saxophone and clarinet.

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3. Parkland Music Institute

Parkland Music Institute is another excellent and well-disciplined music institution for kids who have big dreams for music, as its curriculum covers all the fundamental aspects of music.

The school’s music classes have a unique curriculum tailored to nurture young student skills between two and a half and eight years old.

Furthermore, Parkland Music Institute also offers musical lessons that cover aspects like guitar, piano, ukulele and violin, which are tailored to develop rhythm, coordination and concentration for young minds properly.

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Also, older music minds are given advanced opportunities to learn electric guitar, flute, and beatboxing.

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4. Tom Lee Music Academy

Address: 3/F., 6 Cameron Lane, Tsim Sha Tsui 

Established In 1977, Tom Lee Music Academy is another outstanding music institution in Hong Kong that targets young music lovers and develops them to enjoy their music career path.

Most music programs in this institution help kids develop good listening, rhythm and sensory skills.

This school offers a quality education curriculum encouraging youngsters to acquire good/quality music skills and enhance their personal development in a relaxed learning environment.

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5. Best Music Academy

Address: Fung Lok Commercial Building, Wing Lok Street 163, 14/A Wing Lok St, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

If your kid is passionate about music, and you want that child to perfect their music career path, consider enrolling them or them into this conservatory. They are dedicated to offering unique/quality music lessons to young kids from ages four (4) and above.

The school’s good music curriculum introduces little music minds to various songs and instruments to grow/perfect their love of music.

Furthermore, the school offers private lessons on instruments like violin, viola and piano. They also teach students to read music and compose their songs in a conducive learning environment.

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6. Parsons Music Academy

Having over 30 years of experience in music tuition, Parsons Music Academy is another outstanding conservatory that also got a spot among the best music institutions in Hong Kong, as they offer an extensive range of music learning programmes for young kids.

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This school has musical instruments for young kids from ages three and above. Students can learn any musical instrument, including piano, violin (using the Suzuki teaching method), harp and drums.

Also, the school offers opportunities for specific traditional Chinese instruments like the guzheng and yangqin, which are also taught to children aged five (5) and above.

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