Top 16 Best Music Schools in Ghana and Their Address

Music Schools in Ghana

Every Ghanaian who has a passion for music and seeks the best conservatory in the country should check out the below list of best music schools in Ghana and read some handy information about those conservatories, including their address.

Furthermore, we also attached the direct link portal of each music academy to help you access their website for more/quicker inquiries before applying.

What are the Best Music Schools in Ghana?

The below-listed conservatories offer the best musical courses to perfect students, including musical instrument classes, which rank them among the best music institutions in Ghana.

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1. Romay Christian Montessori School

Address: Tantra Hill opposite Rocksters Roofing, Accra, Ghana

Ranking first on our list of best and outstanding conservatories in Ghana is the Romay Christian Montessori School, known for its excellent performance all over Ghana.

The music school’s unique curriculum focuses more on perfect young music minds (children) passionate about music.

Romay Christian Montessori School provides suitable lessons on various musical instruments in a secure/fully equipped environment.

2. Music Solutions School

Address: Plt 1A/DG. Book Crescent. Sakumono Estates. Opp. Fountainhead Christian School, Accra, Ghana.

Music Solutions School is another good music institution in Ghana. It has gained fame for itself as it offers a variety of music courses, including Piano for kids/adults, Drums, Guitar, Vocal Technique, Sound Engineering etc.

Established in 2010, this music school is a private institution focused on perfecting all music minds in the country. They have well-equipped learning facilities that have helped perfect many music students.

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3. West End International School

Address: Weija, Accra, Ghana

Located in Accra, Ghana, West End International School is another super excellent music school in the city with a vision of perfecting musical minds and offering the best music knowledge in the various aspects of music.

With highly qualified music instructors, this School has perfected or grown great music minds who are doing great in the industry.

Visit School Portal

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4. Quality Sound Solutions

Address: Community 18, Spintex Motorway Link, Accra, Ghana

Quality Sound Solutions is another good music academy in Ghana that has done a lot in perfecting musical students since it was established in 2015.

5. Piano School of Music International

Address: Abavana Down, Accra, Ghana

Piano School of Music International is another good music academy that perfects all passionate music students of different ages and teaches various musical instruments like Piano, guitar, drums, violin, and voice training.

Visit School Website

6. Steve Music Consult International

Address: Ashale Botwe, Accra, Ghana

Suppose you seek a well-organised music institution with an affordable tuition rate. In that case, you should consider Steve Music Consult International, as the School welcomes all music minds of various ages and countries.

With highly qualified instructors and a fully equipped studio, this School also got a spot among the outstanding music institutions in Ghana.

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7. The School of Performing Arts

Address: Abavana Junction, Kotobabi, Accra, Ghana

If you want to perfect your music dreams, try enrolling on the School of performing arts, as their School has a unique/good music curriculum to help perfect their students.

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Furthermore, this music school comprises five (5) units, known as the Department of Theatre Arts, the Department of Dance Studies, the Department of Music, the Abibigoromma Group and the Efua Sutherland Drama Studio.

The School of performing arts offers PhD courses in music for those interested.

8. Academy Of African Music & Arts

Address: Guggisberg Avenue, Kokrobite, Accra, Ghana

With highly qualified instructors and a standard studio, the Academy of African Music & Arts has gotten recognition among the best conservatories in Ghana. It has also graduated students making waves in their music career path.

9. Royal University College Of Music

Address: Near Mallam Station, Mallam, Accra, Ghana

Royal University College Of Music, located in Accra, Ghana, also got a spot among the best conservatories in the country, as they offer unique music courses and their highly qualified instructors are dedicated to perfecting admitted students in various aspects of music, including instruments.

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10. United Family Academy Ghana

Address: Race Course, Abeka Lapaz, Accra, Ghana

United Family Academy Ghana has grown to be recognised among the big music schools in Ghana, as it has graduated a reasonable number of students and perfected them to do great in the musical industry.

Other outstanding music institutions in Ghana are listed below.

11. Peter’s Music Studio

Address: BOX MD 112 Madina, Accra, Ghana

12. Gloryworld Music School

13. Maxine Music School

Address: Okai Koi in Accra, Ghana


Address: Vanderoye Rd, Accra, Ghana

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15. World Talents & Youth Network

Address: 2nd Crescent Lane, Kuku Hill, Osu, Accra, Ghana

16. Emmanuel Damptey Music Academy

Address: Kwadaso behind Bohye F.M. at Kumasi.

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How Many Types Of Music Do We Have In Ghana?

Ghana has four (4) primary/significant types of music, which are:

  1. Contemporary music,
  2. Traditional music,
  3. Gospel music and
  4. Imported music.

What Instruments Do They Use In Ghana?

Ghanaian musical instruments include:

  1. Talking drums,
  2. Atumpan,
  3. Obrante (kpanlogo),
  4. Kete,
  5. Penpensiwa,
  6. Gomme,
  7. Fontomfrom,
  8. Dawuro,
  9. Blekete,
  10. Dawuro, and
  11. Seperewa (a traditional harp from the 18th century).

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What Makes Ghana Music Unique?

Ghana’s music is unique because they use Western instruments, which are part of the musical instruments used in Africa for Highlife music.

What Two (2) Instruments Are Usually Played Together In Ghana?

The instruments usually played together are The kete drum and bell ensemble.

Who was the first person to sing in Ghana?

Kwame Asare was the first person to sing in Ghana, as he recorded the first Ghanaian highlife music known as “Yaa Amponsah”.

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