Discover the Best Music Schools in Germany for International Students 

Music Schools in Germany for International Students 
Music Schools in Germany for International Students 

Music Schools in Germany for International Students: Just as we have a list of outstanding music institutions in Germany, we also offer a list of outstanding music schools that accept international students. 

Germany holds universal appeal for ambitious students with talent in Music due to its illustrious artistic history and tradition.

More than just offering good music schools, Germany delivers superior academic programs and chances for talented individuals to develop their craft.

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Why Select Germany for Musical Studies?

Classical and contemporary sounds blossom under Germany’s storied veil, cementing its status as a musical hotbed.

Several prestigious music schools in Germany proudly uphold long-standing traditions of artistic brilliance and esteemed alums across the global musical spectrum.

Accessing numerous different styles and networking with experts in the field via such opportunities gives international pupils considerable exposure.

How to Apply to Music Schools in Germany

To apply to music schools in Germany, intending international students need to follow a specific application process and complete all requirements needed by the School. 

Some requirements typically include: 

  1. Submitting an application form
  2. A letter of motivation
  3. A detailed resume
  4. Academic transcripts, and 
  5. An audition recording. 
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Furthermore, some music schools may also require interviews or additional assessments.

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Top 3 Best Music Schools in Germany for International Students

Below are Germany’s best music schools for international students, including each School’s direct link portal attached for more inquiries like acceptance rate, tuition fee, graduation rate, admission requirements, etc.

1. Freiburg University of Music 

Freiburg University of Music is one of the best music institutions in Germany that accepts International Students and has a reasonable tuition fee for them. 

This institution has a conducive learning environment and facilities, including top talented teachers/instructors who are fully ready to impact great knowledge into their students and help them achieve a great career path. 


Further, Freiburg University of Music offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs, with super excellent facilities to support all instruction and several orchestras, choruses, and ensembles that admitted students can use to get stage experience and practical knowledge.

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2. Heidelberg University School of Music 

Another outstanding Music School in Germany that accepts International Students is the Heidelberg University Department of Music, known to be among the country’s best music schools and has kept a good reputation since its establishment.

Moreover, they provide Bachelor’s degree programs centered around either Music or Arts; consultations, gig possibilities, and professional networking within the music realm are also incorporated into these music curricula. Students choosing music majors may take full advantage of every prospect herein presented.

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Graduates master myriad aspects of Music equipped with fundamental musical resources; the procreation of innovative works forms the core of their freshly acquired acumen. You can visit the school portal with the link below for more inquiries before applying.

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3. Friedrich Schiller University School of Music

Friedrich Schiller University Department of Music also got a spot among the best music schools in Germany for international students, as they have kept good records and are recognized among the best in Europe.

You may love to know that this School has graduated many who are making waves in the music industry, as they offer a Master of Musicology curriculum with top-educated instructors who are always ready to perfect your musical career path.

With standard instruments, this institution is making waves among Germany’s best with reasonable tuition fees and a conducive learning environment.

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What are the Best Music Schools in Germany?

Germany has outstanding conservatories, and the below-listed music academies are perfect for your musical pursuit. 

1. Johannes Gutenberg University Of Mainz

2. University of Bremen

3. Technical University of Darmstadt

4. University of Music Wuerzburg

5. The University of Music and Performing Arts, Frankfurt

6. Freiburg University of Music

7. Friedrich Schiller University

8. Ludwig Maximilian University

9. Heidelberg University

10. University of Bayreuth

11. University of Freiburg 

12. University of Muenster 

13. University of Greifswald

14. Leibniz University of Hannover, Hannover 

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15. University of Regensburg 

You can read more about the best music schools in Germany hereTop 15 Best Music Schools in Germany 

Can International Students Succeed in the Music Industry after Studying in Germany?

Numerous international students have succeeded in the music industry after studying in Germany.

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