Top 10 Best Music Schools in Georgia, Cost, Locations and Others

Music Schools in Georgia
Music Schools in Georgia

Everyone who wants to do great in the music industry should study Music’s basic and advanced aspects in a well-accredited/equipped conservatory. The below-listed music schools in Georgia can help perfect your musical career.

Education helps perfect your passion and brushes you well to do better in that profession, including a music career path. Getting a degree in Music is the best decision to make, as your degree can offer you a more significant opportunity to work with top music industries and earn a good living.

As a music student, you have various work opportunities, including music production, artist management, music manager, music instructor, composing, songwriter, working backstage, and even working with the production crew.

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Cost of Conservatories in Georgia

According to research, attending a music school in Georgia may cost around $39,740. However, the price of music school may vary due to school, curriculum and how long their teaching might take.

Furthermore, the Cost of music school also covers some basic costs of the music school, which include your feeding and other necessities.

Duration of Time It Takes To Acquire a Music Degree in Georgia

It takes around four (4) years to achieve a degree in Music, including other music institutions in other countries.

Requirements to Study Music in Georgia

The basic requirements for one to study Music in Georgia include the following:

  1. A live audition
  2. Pre-screening recording
  3. Resume
  4. College essay
  5. Recommendation letters
  6. Interview

Benefits Of Studying In Georgia

Below are a few benefits of studying in Georgia.

  1. Affordable Cost of living (low Cost of accommodation)
  2. Quality Education with reasonable Cost for even international students
  3. Conducive and interactive environment
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Top 10 Best Music Schools in Georgia

We have numerous music academies in Georgia, and those conservatories offer unique and quality music courses in the various aspects of Music to help perfect your career path in the music industry.

Below are the top 10 outstanding music schools in Georgia.

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1. University of Georgia

Approximate Cost: Unknown

Location: Unknown


Ranking first in our list of most great conservatories in Georgia is the University of Georgia Department of Music, established in 1785.

University of Georgia’s Department of Music, also known as the “Hugh Hodgson School of Music”, has gained accreditation from the National Association of Schools of Music, American Music Therapy Association, and National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, which made them stand out among other music academies in Georgia.

This music institution also offers various music degrees, from bachelor’s to doctoral, with good undergraduate and graduate programs.

With highly qualified teachers and a conducive learning environment, the HHSOM focuses on perfecting its students using national and worldwide standards.

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2. Emory University

Approximate Cost: $245,000

Location: 1804 N Decatur Rd, Atlanta, GA 30322, USA

Emory University Department of Music also got a spot among the best music schools in Georgia, as they offer a familiar and conducive learning environment for all music minds, and they as well provide a unique music curriculum that covers the various aspect of Music, including performing, composition, ethnomusicology, music history, and music theory.

Furthermore, the school’s music academy welcomes passionate music students from all academic disciplines, including music majors and minors.

This school has kept a good record since its establishment in 1836, and they have highly qualified teachers to perfect you in your musical career path.

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3. Berry College

Approximate Cost: Unknown

Location: Unknown

Berry College Department of Music is another accredited music institution by The National Association of Schools of Music. They offer degree programs in Performance, Education, and other aspects of Music, which helps perfect their students.

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To help their students, this music school also offers extensive performance opportunities open to all on-campus students while preparing students for professions in Music.

Established in 1902, this institution’s Department of Music organizes regular concerts to help perfect their student’s confidence on stage.

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4. Spelman College

Approximate Cost: $12,575.50

Location: Temporarily located in the Milligan Building

Ranking among the excellent music schools in Georgia is the Department of Music at Spelman College, accredited by The National Association of Schools of Music and the organization that accredits music programs in higher education.

You may love to know that the school’s music department curriculum is packed well to perfect music majors/minors interested in moving forward in the music industry and perfecting their dreams.

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5. Mercer University

Approximate Cost: $685 per semester hour

Location: 1329 Adams St, Macon, GA 31201, USA

The Mercer University Department of Music (Townsend School of Music) also got a spot among the outstanding music schools in Georgia, as it is well known around the country for its top-notch excellent teachers, honorees among its students, and cutting-edge facilities.

This institution was established in 1833 to perfect many music minds and offer instrument lessons to all interested.

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6. Piedmont College

Approximate Cost: Unknown

Location: Massachusetts Blvd, Demorest, GA 30535, United States

Established in 1897 with highly qualified instructors, the popularly known Piedmont College Department of Music is another excellent conservatory that creates a good relationship with its students, as this helps them learn faster and perfects their career path.

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7. Georgia Southern University

Approximate Cost: In-state: $6,890 Out-of-state: $19,022

Location: Foy Building on Georgia Southern University’s Statesboro campus.

Established in 1906, the Department of Music at Georgia Southern University is another excellent conservatory that uniquely teaches Music and motivates its admitted students to perfect their career paths.

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With highly qualified instructors, the school promotes a unique setting where music majors and non-majors can engage in significant musical creation in a conducive environment.

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8. Clayton State University

Approximate Cost: Unknown

Location: 2000 Clayton State Blvd, Morrow, GA 30260, United States

The Department of Music at Clayton State University is another music institution accredited by The National Association of Schools of Music. It offers visual and performing arts with standard learning facilities and a conducive musical environment.

Established in 1969, the music institution offers a Bachelor of Arts in Performing Arts degree, and their admitted students can easily integrate some classes in dance or theatre into their schedules if they are interested in doing both.

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9. Morehouse College

Approximate Cost: $25,055

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Morehouse College Department of Music is a good music institution dedicated to giving an opportunity to admitted students who want to major deeply in Music as a liberal art.

Established in 1867, the school’s Department of Music aims to foster the proper growth of music minds.

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10. Georgia College and State University

Approximate Cost: $26,038

Location: Unkown

Founded in 1889, Georgia College and State University Department of Music is another top-known conservatory in Georgia with a unique curriculum that trains students in the primary and advanced aspects of Music.

They also offer a solid music foundation for their students, which has earned them a spot among the outstanding music academies in Georgia.

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Best Music High Schools in Georgia

Below are the top Music high schools in Georgia that teach Music as a subject.

  1. DeKalb School of the Arts
  2. John S. Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School
  3. Martha Ellen Stilwell School of the Arts

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Best Music Therapy Schools in Georgia

If you are passionate about Music and its therapeutic potential, the below is the best and most definitive music therapy to apply for in Georgia.

  1. Hugh Hodgson School of Music
  2. Georgia College & State University
  3. University of Georgia

Best Music Production Schools in Georgia

To those interested in studying music production in Georgia, below are the top music production schools in the country.

  1. Mercer University
  2. Emory University
  3. Augusta University
  4. Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus

Is A Music Therapy Degree Worth It?

Yes, a music therapy degree is worth every effort put into it.

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