Top 6 Best Music Schools in Finland and FAQs

Are you seeking the best music schools in Finland? This article has compiled a list of the most outstanding conservatories in Finland and frequently asked questions (FAQs) that might interest you as well.

Finland is a Northern European nation bordering Sweden, Norway and Russia, and its capital is Helsinki. This city has unique institutions that accept international students with reasonable tuition fees.

What are the Best Music Schools in Finland?

Although we have numerous outstanding conservatories in Finland, the top 6 best you can apply are below.

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1. International School of Music Finland

Address: Hietalahdenkatu 8, 00180 Helsinki, Finland

International School of Music (ISM) Finland ranks among Finland’s best and most outstanding music institutions with a unique curriculum that has helped perfect their students in various ways.

ISM was established in 2015 as Finland’s first English-speaking music school that welcomes of various ages music minds. The music institution offers individual, group, and pre-instrumental lessons and music playschool in Helsinki.

Furthermore, this music institution offers online a unique option of taking internationally-accredited music exams to help their students. ISM is a registered non-profit organization with a Teaching License.

Lastly, the school’s vision is to create an international/diverse great musical community for those who want to perfect their musical career path.

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2. Sibelius-Akatemia

Address: Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 9, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

The Sibelius Academy is another excellent and outstanding music academy in Finland. The school is part of the University of the Arts Helsinki and a university-level music school which operates in Helsinki and Kuopio, Finland, with good academic performance over the years.

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This music institution offers adult education, with a wide range of teaching curricula in various aspects of music to help perfect their students.

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3. Helsinki Conservatory of Music

Address: Ruoholahdentori 6, 00180 Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki Conservatory of Music is another excellent music school in Finland that has maintained good academic performance since it was established in 1922.

This school ranks among the top leading conservatories in Finland, with unique music courses. The school has a reasonable number of top Finnish music professionals dedicated to perfecting students in the various aspects of music.

Furthermore, the school offers a music play school that welcomes all kids from ages 5 to 8 to receive elementary instruction in music and musical skills through positive experiences. Their study duration is around one (1) year (12 months).

The school also has musical training classes for young instrumentalists and singers under 16 years of age in the holistic study, theory and history of music, including the opportunity to participate in chamber music, orchestras and choirs, which last for 45 – 60 minutes.

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4. Helsinki Guitar School

Address: Maapadontie 3, 00640 Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki Guitar School is another good conservatory in Finland that offers unique tuition on guitar, bass guitar and ukulele to those interested.

The school welcomes musical students from various parts of the world, and this music academy has no age restrictions.

Lessons at Helsinki Guitar School are given in England, and they have highly qualified musical experts to help perfect you in the musical instrument of your choice.

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5. Joensuu Conservatory

Address: Yliopistokatu 4, 80130 Joensuu, Finland

Joensuu Conservatory of Music is a good conservatory and the largest music school in Finland, with outstanding music curriculums and playgroups for the little music minds.

They also offer music education for more advanced and interested youth, including vocational training at the upper secondary level.

Also, about 500 young students participate in the annual music school education, and around 60–70 new students are admitted every year.

Joensuu Conservatory has a variety of good musical instruments and highly qualified instructors to help perfect students.

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6. Kuopio Conservatory kannatusyhdistys R. Y.

Address: Kuopionlahdenkatu 23, 70100 Kuopio, Finland

Established in 1954, the popularly known Kuopio Conservatory is among the best music schools in Finland and also one of the largest and most diverse music and dance schools in the city.

This great institution offers essential music and dance education to about 2500 music minds (young and aged). If you want to perfect your musical career, consider enrolling on this institution, as they offer quality music and dance events yearly to help perfect their students faster.

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FAQs on the Best Music Schools in Finland

Can I Study Music In Finland?

Yes, you can confidently study music in Finland and do great. Most music institutions in the city offer music programs that cover the necessary aspects of music like, good music creation, quality audio production, songwriting, instrument and voice training, music history, etc.

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Can I Study In Finland As A Foreigner?

Yes, you can study in Finland as a Foreigner because most institutions in the city welcome international students.

Furthermore, if you are a member of a country in the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA), or Switzerland, you can also study in Finland for free.

How Is Music Taught In Finland?

Music is taught according to the strength and knowledge of students, and English is one of the significant teaching languages in Finland.

What Kind Of Music Is Finland Known For?

Finland is known for three (3) types of music: folk music, classical and modern art music.

What Instruments Are Used In Finland?

Below are some instruments that are primarily used in Finland.

  1. Kantele (zither)
  2. Jouhikko (fiddle) – a traditional 2 or 3-stringed bowed lyre.
  3. Whistles
  4. Horns
  5. Clarinets
  6. Accordions
  7. Concertinas
  8. Trumpets, and
  9. Fiddles.

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