Top 7 Best Music Schools in Dublin, Ireland

Music Schools in Dublin

Music is everything to those who have a passion for it, and such people need to perfect their love for Music by enrolling in a well-accredited conservatory. Below are the top music schools in Dublin for those in Ireland.

Dublin is the capital of the Republic of Ireland. It is at the mouth of the River Liffey on the east side of Ireland. This city has a lot of different kinds of buildings, some of which are well-known music schools.

Studying Music in Dublin, Ireland, has various benefits, including perfection in the industry and the opportunity to learn with any musical instrument of your choice, including a conducive learning environment/facilities.

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What are the Best Music Schools in Dublin, Ireland?

Below are the top known outstanding conservatories in Dublin, Ireland, with their direct school link portal attached to help you visit and make further inquiries.

1. Trinity University Dublin

The Discipline of Music, School of Creative Arts, Trinity College Dublin, is one of the best conservatories in Dublin with a warm welcome to all music lovers of various ages.

This music institution was established in 1592, and the university also launched a Music professorship in 1764. You might love that the school combines musicology, music technology, and composition elements with a quality, practical understanding of various creative art practices.

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Admitted music students can learn about Music of the past surrounded by history. Undergraduate music students specialize in one of three main areas: composition, musicology, and music technology.

Studying Music at Trinity University can improve you greatly, as the school is one of the primary centres for research and teaching in Film, Drama, and Music in Ireland.

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2. Dublin Business School

Located at Rory Gallagher Corner and the Temple Bar Music Centre, the popular known Sound Training College at Dublin Business School has been setting great standards in audio education for over 30 years. It has gained recognition among the most outstanding conservatories in Dublin, Ireland.

The school’s quality Audio Production and Music Project Management course offers all admitted students the opportunity to develop their music skills in the field through industry-based, professional projects.

Furthermore, admitted music students are allowed to work on real-world projects, which helps them perfect their career path.

This music school also aims to develop all students’ technical knowledge of audio production principles and practice and perfect their creative, innovative, and business skills, one of the major requirements in the audio industry.

All admitted students are perfected in the various aspects of Music through the unique curriculum of this music institution.

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3. American College Dublin

American College Dublin is another great conservatory in Dublin, with highly qualified teachers to perfect students in the various practical aspects of Music with standard workshop facilities.

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The quality degree offered in this school produces a wide spectrum of transferable skills, such as effective presentational technique and expertise in using the voice and the body as communicative instruments, and in the first two years of the program, admitted music students are introduced to the fundamental concepts of Acting, Music and Dance techniques.

Furthermore, each admitted student’s talent is nurtured with a strong emphasis on maintaining individual vocal qualities and characteristics while extending range, accuracy in pitch, developing resonance, good breath control, support, and stamina.

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4. Dublin City University

Dublin City University ranks among Dublin’s most outstanding music schools as their School of Theology, Philosophy, and Music is a dynamic and creative learning and research environment.

The school’s Department of Music has highly qualified teachers that help students through their quality music curriculum, and they welcome all ages of students interested in studying Music.

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5. Technological University Dublin

TU Dublin Conservatoire also got a spot among the best music institutions in Dublin, as the school is a perfect place to study the performing arts.

They put so much energy into perfecting their students as their graduates pursue successful careers in performance, arts education, research, film, TV, radio, and journalism.

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6. University College Dublin

UCD School of Music has also made its way to rank among the best music schools in Dublin. They are home to a diverse cohort of scholars and practitioners who help perfect all passionate about Music and how it impacts human society.

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With professional educators, the school strives to ensure that all admitted music students benefit from the knowledge and insight offered in the institution, as they aim to transmit the depth of passion for Music.

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7. Royal Irish Academy of Music

Location: Georgian Quarter of Dublin City.

Established in 1848, the RIAM is another good conservatory that offers unique junior, pre-college, undergraduate, and postgraduate musical training of the highest standards, which has gotten it a spot among the best music institutions in Dublin.

This school offers Exams to assess and support young talented musicians’ various learning/development. Furthermore, students admitted into this institution are between the ages of 4 and 18, and they are given practical lessons supported by musicianship classes, chamber music, and orchestra, choir, or band.

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What Is The Best Music College In Ireland?

Performing Arts at Trinity is recognized as the best music college in Ireland, as they offer quality education and are among the oldest music institutions.

How Many Music Schools Are In Ireland?

There are Seven (7) music schools in Ireland, and those conservatories specialize in performance and have a good curriculum that helps perfect their admitted students.

Is Music Important In Ireland?

Yes, Music is essential in Ireland, and the city has various music institutions.

What Jobs Can You Get With A Music Degree In Ireland?

Below are some jobs one can get with a music degree in Ireland.

  1. Composer.
  2. Conductor.
  3. Musician.
  4. Radio production.
  5. Sound technician (broadcasting, film, video)
  6. Stage manager, theatre.
  7. Teacher, second level.

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