12 Best Music Schools in Dubai for Adults and Kids

Music Schools in Dubai
Music Schools in Dubai

Numerous music schools in Dubai offer a wide range of unique music courses for those who want to learn music.

Most of the music programs offered in the various music institutions in Dubai include vocals, instrument training, sound, production, and many other vital things in music that can help better your musical career path.

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Best Music Schools in Dubai for Adults

1. Thomsun Music Institute

Location: Multiple including Level-1, China Court, Ibn Battuta Mall

Thompson Music Institute has also ranked among the best music schools in Dubai and has served/trained many music lovers for years.

You might love to know that Thomsun Music Institute has good three (3) music schools in dubai, namely, Sing & Swing Training Centre in Lamcy Plaza, Sing & Swing Training Centre in Ibn Battuta Mall, and lastly, the Popular Music Institute in Al Wafi Mall.

Furthermore, the school offers musical instrument classes like violin, drums, guitar, saxophone, and piano, which helps to prepare students for international board exams.

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2. Dubai Music School

Location: Zabeel Street 1, Opposite NBD Emirates Bank


Established in 1979 by Glenn Perry, the Dubai Music School is an outstanding music institution for adults and kids. They offer excellent and professional music training using contemporary teaching methods and have well-equipped music facilities to help the practical classes.

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Furthermore, admitted music students can sign up for their guitar, piano, keyboard, drums, violin, or vocal lessons, and classes are taken twice a week.

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3. Melody Makers & Fine Arts Centre

Location: C 110, Karama Centre

If you want to learn musical instruments like piano, drums, violin, and guitar courses (bass, electrical, classical, and spectrum), you can enroll in the Melody Makers and Fine Art Centre.


This school also offers good vocal training and sound management. The school’s music classes are grouped into two (2) segments, which cover both theory and practical aspects of music.

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4. Buddy’s Music & Dance Institute Dubai

Location: Cluster Y, Swiss Tower, Jumeirah Lake Towers

Also recognized as Buddy’s Institute, the Buddy’s Music and Dance Institute also got a spot in this list of good music institutions in Dubai that offers adult music classes.


In this institution, you can also learn various instruments of your choice. Available instrument lessons in this institution are piano, guitar, ukulele, violin, flute, drums, and vocal lessons are offered as well.

5. Rock Star Music & Dance

Location: SIT Tower 211, Dubai Silicon Oasis

Rock star music and Dance is another outstanding adult music academy in Dubai affiliated with the Trinity College of London (TCL), with a team of professional instructors ready to offer quality lessons on music.

This school also offers numerous lessons on musical instruments like, guitar, piano, saxophone, violin, and drums.

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Best Music Schools In Dubai For Kids

6. Ocean Kids

Locations: Platinum Business Centre, Al Nahda 2 / Crystal Business Center, M-01, Al Karama

Ocean Kids is a good music academy for children ages six and above. They offer an interactive and conducive learning environment for young music lovers, and they can learn Western vocals, guitar, keyboard, and violin.

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This school’s classes take place once every week, and students can apply for musical instrument lessons.

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7. Melodica Music & Dance Institute

Location: Multiple including Mezzanine Floor, Building 3, Golden Mile Galleria, Palm

Suppose your child has a passion for music, and you seek the best music school in dubai to enroll your child. In that case, you should try Melodica Music and Dance Institute, known to be another outstanding music institution in the country that has a reasonable admission rate for young music lovers.

This institution was founded by renowned pop star Afshin to help build young music lovers, as they offer suitable music lessons, including vocals and instruments.

Instrument classes include piano, violin, guitar, flute, ukulele, saxophone, and drums.

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8. Crystal Music Institute Dubai

Location: Shop No. 27, Rawdat Al Karama, Karama

Crystal Music Institute is one of the most prestigious music schools in Dubai. That was established in 1993 and accepted young music students.

This school offers good music courses ranging from physical and online training in musical instruments like piano, keyboard, guitar, violin, and drums.

The school also teaches Western and Hindustani vocals to students between the age of five (5) – fifty (50), and their class duration is 8 hours.

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9. Center For Musical Arts Dubai

Location: First Floor, Al Jalila Culture Centre for Children, Al Wasl Road

Another good music school that aims at impacting quality music education and nurturing every young music lover is the Center for Musical Arts Dubai.

This music institution is another good music school for kids, as they offer several instrumental and choral tuition sessions for violin, flute, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, drums, piano, guitar, and singing, and classes are either 30, 40, and 60-minutes.

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10. Sruthi Music And Dance Training Centre Dubai

Location: Al Maskan Building, Al Karama

Sruthi Music and Dance Training Centre is another outstanding music school in Dubai. It was founded in 1987 to build young music lovers, offer them stages to perform, and prepare them for a career path in the music industry.

You might be interested that the music school has highly qualified instructors ready to teach you the fundamentals of Indian Carnatic, Hindustani Classical, piano, violin, and guitar.

11. Asha Sarath Kairali Kalakendram

Having multiple branches around the city, Asha Sarath Kairali Kalakendram music school is a performing and visual arts school in Dubai that offers unique music courses, and young students can learn how to perfectly play some musical instruments like, keyboard, piano, guitar, and drums, tabla, mridangam, flute, veena, chenda, Carnaticand, and also learn to enhance their vocals.

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12. Indian Music Schools In Dubai

This institution is another outstanding music school that offers courses to kids and has two (2) distinct forms: North Indian classical music and South Indian Carnatic expression.

Furthermore, Indian classical music emphasizes majorly on Raag, a melodic framework akin to regional music, while Carnatic music focuses on vocals.

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What Are Dubai Music School Fees?

According to research, most Dubai Music School tuition fees range from AED 250 for eight monthly classes.

Can I Learn Music Online In Dubai?

Yes, you can learn good music online, as we have numerous online music classes, and most music schools in Dubai also offer online courses, including Skilldeer and Udemy.

Can I Learn to Dance In Dubai?

We have numerous dance schools in Dubai to help build and perfect your dancing career.

What Type Of Music Is Played In Dubai?

Rock and metal music are significant types of music played by some musicians in Dubai, and they also play alternative styles of music like ska, punk, house, and experimental music.

What Are The Instruments Of Dubai?

Musical instruments in Dubai include oud (a stringed instrument), drums, tambourine (which Emiratis call the daf), rabab (a stringed instrument), tamboura, doumbek (a goblet drum), and the nai.

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