Top 7 Best Music Schools in Barcelona For Music Lovers

Music Schools in Barcelona

Every music lover seeking the best music schools in Barcelona is welcome here. This article reveals the best, most outstanding, and most prestigious institutions that offer music courses in Barcelona, with other vital facts about those institutions that might interest you.

What are the Best Music Schools in Barcelona?

1. Yamaha Music School

Ranking first on this list of good music schools in Barcelona is the Yamaha Music School, known for its unique performance over the years. This school has graduated a good number of music students doing great in the music industry, and the school is still pushing great in creating and developing innovative teaching techniques and courses.

Furthermore, this institution (Yamaha Music School) welcomes all ages who are passionate about music and offers courses in vocals and instruments.

Yamaha Music School was established in 1954 in Japan and has trained more than 5 million students who have received suitable lessons from over 18,000 teachers at more than 4,500 locations worldwide.

This school aims to encourage all young and aged music students to discover the music within themselves and explore significantly in the music industry.

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2. L’Escola de Música de Barcelona

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L’Escola de Música de Barcelona is another good music school in Barcelona with outstanding performance over the years. This school’s working hours are from Monday to Friday, while Saturdays and Sundays work off days.

This music institution has an open studio that allows students to enjoy their standard instrument by discarding other lessons like musical language, chamber music, choir, etc., when lack of time becomes essential in daily life.

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​The adult program in this institution aims at people over 18 with or without musical training who want to start from scratch or renew contact with the instrument, and their time ranges from 30 min 45 min or 60 min/per week.

L’Escola de Música de Barcelona’s Elementary Grade consists of four (4) unique courses that progressively deepen the musical language’s constituent elements, including rhythm and reading, hearing and intonation, theory, analysis, and singing.

Lastly, this school’s Professional degree is divided into six unique courses, and the knowledge of the musical language in this school is well expanded, applying it to analysis and harmony.

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3. Barcelona Singing Studio – Clases de Canto

Another music institution that ranks among the best music schools in Barcelona is the Barcelona Singing Studio, which combines postural exercises (Alexander Technique) and acting exercises (Meisner technique).

Furthermore, the school applies to all singing styles, including opera, pop, blues, jazz, and flamenco, and has classes for various ages. This school is aimed at entrepreneurs, television presenters, and actors, with good learning facilities and conducive classes.

One unique aspect of this institution is that they work on the three significant factors of the human voice, which are the physical, intellectual, and emotional levels.

The physical Level covers all aspects of human postural exercises, diaphragmatic breathing, tongue relaxation, and others, and the Intellectual Level covers various aspects of understanding vocal technique.

Lastly, their emotional Level teaches how to express yourself emotionally through the voice, and all those levels have perfected students to do great.

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4. Conservatori Superior de Música del Liceu

Established in 1837, Conservatori Superior de Música del Liceu is also acknowledged as one of Barcelona’s most outstanding music schools. The school has good music courses from elementary to Preparatory Studies, leading to their Bachelor of Music and Graduate Studies.

Furthermore, this school also offers a unique music program specializing in Jazz and Modern Music, with hand-picked professional music teachers and musicians.

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5. Estudio Shine (Shine School of Music)

Shine Music School, also acknowledged as the Estudio Shine is another good music institution in Barcelona that believes music is an excellent connection to human thoughts and memories to become a personal soundtrack to life.

This music institution prides itself on connecting music students with the best teachers and classes tailored to their needs to perfect their music career path.

Furthermore, they welcome students of various ages as they don’t have age restrictions. One good aspect of this school is that they offer one-on-one music lessons to students of all levels, with
qualified and experienced music teachers.

You can also take musical instrument classes in guitar, piano, keyboard, bass, singing, drums, violin, viola, double bass, saxophone, flute, accordion, trumpet, banjo, mandolin, music theory, harmony, music production & editing, and a range of other instruments and music subjects.

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6. Estudi Musical 88

Estudi Musical 88 is another excellent music school in Barcelona with well-equipped learning facilities and conducive classes.

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With good music courses and standard learning facilities, this school houses various musical students of different ages.

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7. Conservatori Municipal Música de Barcelona

Established in 1886 by the city of Barcelona, the Municipal School of Music also got a spot among the best music institutions in Barcelona, as they offer music lessons on various instruments with a standard workshop.

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Is Barcelona A Good City For Musicians?

Yes, Barcelona is a good city for musicians as numerous live-music venues all over the city host concerts in every imaginable genre.

Is It Cheap To Study In Barcelona?

Most Institutions in Barcelona are affordable for international students, as the tuition fees at public institutions in Barcelona range from €2,800 to €3,600 per year. Non-EU/EEA students’ tuition for public institutions ranges from €4,000 to €6,000 annually.

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