Top 6 Best Music Schools in Amsterdam and Locations

Music Schools in Amsterdam

Are you searching for the most outstanding music schools in Amsterdam? This article offers a compiled list of unique Institutions in Amsterdam that offer music courses, with other handy information about those schools you may love.

Why Study Music In Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is the Netherlands’ capital, known for its artistic heritage, elaborate canal system and good education, with well-established educational institutions that are recognized among the best schools in the Netherlands.

Studying music in Amsterdam allows you to check with international students and learn from top scholars in the music industry.

Benefits/Importance Of Music

  1. Music can be taken as a career, also known as business.
  2. Music helps regulate one’s emotions.
  3. Music is another source of happiness/happy moments, creating happiness and relaxation.
  4. Music can help reduces anxiety and stress.

What are the Best Music Schools in Amsterdam?

1. United Pop, Amsterdam

Location: United Pop, Amsterdam

Ranking first in our list of best music schools in Amsterdam is the United Pop music Academy, known for its outstanding performance over the years. This school has top professional expertise and trainers with practical experience and fully equipped music facilities to help you do great in your studies.

Furthermore, this institution offers a direct practical experience in class to help students learn better with six departments, including music and sound.

Although time depends on the Course you are studying, the average time music students spend is about 20 hours per week in and Single Course. It is also possible to take several Single Courses simultaneously in this school.

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Some of the requirements from the music department of United Pop are:

  • A good knowledge of English (should be good with English as it’s the primary communication).
  • Commitment, enthusiasm, and willingness to work independently.
  • It would help if you had a passion/interest in music and media.

There is no particular high school certificate necessary for enrolling in this institution. Still, the recommended starting age is over 18 years, but subject to some parents’ consent, 16 years may also be possible to start up.

Lastly, the overall duration or time taken in training depends on the music, how many Single Courses you take, and each Single Course runs for one semester (half a year).

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2. Conservatorium van Amsterdam

Location: Oosterdokskade 151, 1011 DL Amsterdam, Netherlands

Another outstanding music institution in Atlanta is Conservatorium van Amsterdam (CvA), a Dutch music conservatory in Amsterdam with a good reputation and reasonable admission rate.

You might love to know that CvA is the excellent music division of the Amsterdam University of the Arts, the city’s vocational university of arts, and is deeply committed to excellence in education, performance, and creative activity and the cultural enrichment of the larger community.

Conservatorium van Amsterdam (CvA) offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses in Classical, Jazz, and Popular music, with well-equipped learning facilities and a conducive environment, which makes the school a total reflection of the present-day musical landscape.

With excellent learning and performance opportunities, this institution fully prepares music students to be passionate performers, composers, unique music teachers, and effective contributors to the arts and society, as the school gives room to an exceptional teaching staff of international reputation and standing.

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3. DGAI Music School

Location: Heesterveld 7, 1102 SB Amsterdam, Netherlands

With a good vision for young music lovers, the DGAI Music School also got a spot among the best music institutions in Amsterdam. They believe that making music (together or alone) is suitable for everyone.

This institution has good music sections for young kids ages 5 to 18. They have well-equipped learning to help students learn with actual life facilities as it improves their knowledge and gives them self-confidence in their career path.

Furthermore, this music institution teaches students how to sing (solo or in the choir), play the drums, play the piano, guitar, or violin, or produce their music with tracks & beats.

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4. Conservatory of Amsterdam, AEMA, Amsterdam Electronic Music Academy

Location: Atlantisplein 1, 1093 NE Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam Electronic Music Academy
Electronic music has strongly developed into a well-known outstanding music school in Amsterdam, with reasonable admission rates and fees.

You might be interested that the Amsterdam Electronic Music Academy (AEMA) offers unique music courses with basic life facilities to help better young music lovers.

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5. Muziekschool Amsterdam

Suppose you have talent and passion for music and want the best music school in Amsterdam. In that case, Muziekschool Amsterdam is a perfect choice for you. This school has over 40 years of experience in the cultural sector and has graduated many students doing great in the music industry.

This school offers a wide range of courses and workshop practices to enable students to work with actual life equipment that can help both young and old students better for the future.

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6. A’DAM Music School

Location: Overhoeksplein 1, 1013 KS Amsterdam, Netherlands

Having an excellent curriculum that covers an exemplary aspect of music education, the A’DAM Music School is also acknowledged as one of the best music institutions in Amsterdam. It has well-equipped learning facilities and a conducive environment.

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You will find a perfect Amsterdam music institution from our list above. You can also use the school’s direct website portals attached above to visit the school page and make more inquiries before applying.

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