Top Best Meteorology Schools in Europe To Apply

Meteorology Schools in Europe

Are you searching for unique Meteorology Schools in Europe? This article has offered a list of unique and outstanding top Universities for Meteorology and Atmospheric Science in Europe, with other vital information about those institutions. 

Suppose you are interested in becoming one of the world’s great meteorologists. In that case, think about enrolling in a well-accredited school that offers meteorology courses to enable you to achieve your dreams. 

Europe has one of the biggest cities with big schools that offer meteorology and atmospheric science courses and has also graduated a good number of students doing great in that field of study. 

Who is called a Meteorologist?

According to research, meteorologists are observers and researchers who notice the atmosphere’s physical conditions. They analyze maps, satellite data, and radar information and compare various types of meteorological data from local, regional, and worldwide sources.

What are the Best Meteorology Schools in Europe? 

1. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

If you want to do well in Meteorology and Atmospheric Science, consider attending the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. The great Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science in the Department of Environmental Systems Sciences and Earth Sciences offers a specialized Master’s degree program.

One good thing about this school is that accepted students learn a lot about climate processes and feedback, from the molecular to the global level and from short-term events to changes that take millions of years.

Furthermore, admitted students in the department of meteorology can choose 3 out of the following fields:

  • weather systems and atmospheric dynamics
  • climate processes and feedback
  • atmospheric composition and cycles
  • climate history and palaeoclimatology
  • hydrology and the water cycle
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And elective courses can be used to learn more about one of the above fields or atmospheric and climate sciences.

The school also has regular practical courses that give students a good idea of what they will be doing in the lab and on the job, as well as in numerical modelling and high-performance computing.

You might be interested to know that all accepted students work on their research project for 6 months as part of one of the research groups at the Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science as part of their Master’s thesis.

The main language of instruction is English, and the academic title is Master of Science ETH in Atmospheric and Climate Science.

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2. University of Leeds

The University of Leeds has given students a lot of chances to use science to learn about and predict what will happen to the Earth’s atmosphere.

Students who want to look into some of the most important problems of our time, like air pollution, climate change, and extreme weather, can also apply to this school. They learn many tools to deal with important environmental problems from the start.

This school has unique meteorology classes and does a good job of combining theory and practice. This means that accepted students can learn much about the atmosphere and use that knowledge in the real world.

Another good thing about this school is that they offer field trips every year. For example, they take students to the Scottish island of Arran to do weather forecasting and take measurements of the atmosphere there. This makes them one of the best schools offering an entire meteorology and climate science course.

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Also, at this school, you can study meteorology and learn more about the climate and environment, giving you a wide range of skills that can be used in many jobs.

And to help a student become an expert in meteorology, they will study all the main areas of atmospheric science, including mathematics, atmospheric physics, meteorology, atmospheric chemistry, and climate science.

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3. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is among Europe’s biggest schools that offer unique courses in Meteorology and Atmospheric Science.

This school also uses physics in their meteorology classes to help their students learn more about Planet Earth and other planets in our solar system and far beyond.

Students at this school study how the climate system works on a large scale and how it responds to outside forces. They also do detailed process studies using high-resolution models of climate system parts and how they interact.

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4. Utrecht University

Marine and atmospheric research is the main goal of the Utrecht Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research (IMAU). They do high-quality fundamental climate research and teach all meteorology students so that they can help solve big problems related to the global climate crisis. This includes training a new generation of climate scientists with a background in physics.

This school is one of the best meteorology schools in Europe because it has done so well academically since it opened. It has also sent many students into the world who are doing well.

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5. University of East Anglia

The University of East Anglia is another great school that ranks high among the best meteorology schools in Europe. It is known for having good tuition fees and academic performance.

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Researchers at this institution are at the forefront of scientific research to learn more about how important the atmosphere and oceans are to the Earth System.

You might love to know that the school’s biogeochemical research ranges from the cellular to the global scale and that the physical science research ranges from urban pollution to the global and even planetary scales.

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6. University of Cambridge

7. Stockholm University

8. University of Bern

9. University of Helsinki

10. Imperial College London

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Meteorology Schools in Europe

List of Universities With The Best Meteorology Program

Below are the top best universities for meteorology and atmospheric sciences worldwide. 
1. Columbia University.
2. the University of Colorado Boulder.
3. Université Paris Saclay.
4. ETH Zurich.
5. California Institute of Technology.
6. Université de Paris.
7. the University of California Irvine.
8. Sorbonne Université.

What Degree Is Best For Meteorology?

A bachelor’s degree in meteorology is the standard way to get into this field. Experts say that a graduate degree like a master’s or PhD may be needed for some jobs, especially those that involve teaching or research.

Where Do Most Meteorologists Work?

Possible Meteorology Jobs Meteorologists are found in: 
1. Public sector (military, federal and state government), 
2. Private sector (media, commercial companies, etc.), and 
3. Academia (postgraduate research, professorships).

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