Top 12 Best Language Schools in Berlin

language schools in Berlin

Just as we have created content on the best German Language Schools in Germany, we also have a list of the top 12 most outstanding language schools in Berlin. Their direct school’s web portal is attached below, so you can easily visit for more inquiries.

How Much Does It Cost To Study the German Language In Berlin?

Although Germany offers high-quality education at low/affordable cost, and most public institutions in the country require zero tuition fees, admitted students must pay an administrative fee per semester, typically no higher than 250 EUR/semester.

What are the Best Language Schools in Berlin?

Although we have numerous language institutions in Berlin, the below are our top 12 best with reasonable acceptance rates.

1. Kapitel Zwei

Ranking first in our list of best language schools in Berlin is the Kapitel Zwei, known to offer a unique and quality four-week intensive course and well-sized bright classrooms, which offer conducive learning.

Kapitel Zwei is located right near Alexanderplatz and has a group size of 12 students (offline 5-12, online up to 8), with employed professional and experienced German-speaking teachers that focus on oral communication – grammar exercises.

You might love knowing that if you bring a friend into this institution, they offer a discount.

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2. Sprachenatelier Institute For Languages, Arts, And Culture

Offering a four Week Intensive Course that costs around €269-330 for 60-72 x 45 Min Lessons, this school ranks among the most outstanding German Language schools in Berlin.

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Although the online courses of this institution are cheaper than offline, plus a one-off €50 registration fee, this school has a good location and classes that consist of a good mixture of communication and written work offered to all levels.

This institution’s teachers are experienced and qualified native speakers, and they offer an interesting and varied cultural program with class sizes of 4 – 14 students.

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3. Carl Duisberg Centrum

Carl Duisberg Centrum is another great institution in Berlin that offers a four-week intensive course that takes up to 96+8 x 45 min lessons and costs around €840-€920, plus a summer season surcharge of €30/week to help perfect students.

Having an extra 2 hrs per week of “Lernstudio” consisting of individual learning with a tutor, learning in well-equipped workshops, and learning in quality projects with well-experienced, qualified, and native German-speaking teachers, this school becomes a perfect choice to make if you want to do well as a German Speaking student.

Carl Duisberg Centrum also has a good location in Berlin Mitte, a computer-filled student classroom, a class size ranging from 5 – 15 students per group, and an extensive cultural program with museum visits, excursions to some neighboring cities, and pub nights.

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4. Die Neue Schule

Offering a four Week Intensive Course that lasts 80 x 45 min lessons, at the cost of €480, with all courses available in both morning and afternoon sessions, this school has graduated many German-speaking students.

According to research, DIE NEUE SCHULE has long stayed for 30 years and is growing great with experienced, qualified, native German-speaking teachers, with a minimum student age of 18 and an average age between 23 and 26.

One good aspect of this school is that they offer a relaxation period, as they have a small and very cute cinema room where classes can watch movies, to help relax their heads. They also have a maximum class size of 10 students in evening courses and 12 in all Intensive classes with an average size of around 8, with good accommodation.

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Located in the green, relaxed district of Wilmersdorf, this school also offers English, Italian, Spanish, and French courses to perfect students, not just in German.

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5. Speakeasy Berlin

Speakeasy is another great institution in Berlin that offers unique language courses, a four-week intensive course, and it costs around €209-€299 for 60 x 45 Min Lessons.

With outstanding teachers who create interesting classes rather than a slavish devotion to the textbook, this school has a spot among the best German Language schools in Berlin.

You may also love to know that the school offers Intensive, Super-intensive, Evening, and one-on-one classes, to perfect students, and they also offer English classes.

The institution is located in the vibrant district of Friedrichshain, with a conducive learning environment.

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6. ALPADIA Language Schools

Located in the vibrant Schöneberg area, ALPADIA Language Schools also ranks among the best German language schools in Berlin, as they offer a variety of German courses, including Standard, Intensive, Private lessons, and Exam preparation.

You might love that this great school provides University Pathways and Internship programs for all admitted students interested in studying and living in Germany. They also offer a wide range of accommodation options.

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7. Sprachsalon

Another great German language school in Berlin is the Sprachsalon, which has a quality 3-4 Week Intensive Course that costs around €250-€325 for 48-64 x 45 min lessons, depending on the level, and has a one-off €35 registration fee.

Sprachsalon is a small institution with a conducive atmosphere and offers intensive German courses and evening courses with experienced, qualified, and native German-speaking teachers.

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8. GLS – German Language School Berlin

Established in 1983, German Language School Berlin (GLS) is another great school that offers four Week Intensive German Courses for 80x45min lessons, and it costs around €600-780, plus a good one-off €25 registration fee and also a €20/month for teaching materials, to help perfect students greatly.

GLS has amazing learning facilities on its 9000m2 campus and a maximum of 12 students per class, with qualified teachers and a well conducive learning environment.

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9. Humboldt-Institut

Humboldt-Institut is a good German Language School that is situated in Berlin, and they offer a quality four Week equivalent that costs around €1,280-€1,440 for 120 x 45 min Lessons.

Located close to U-Bahn, Tram, and S-Bahn connections, this school offers certain cultural programs, including museum and cultural visits, with an average class size of 10 students.

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10. Inlingua Berlin

Inlingua is a well-established school with locations worldwide; just as they have a location right in the heart of Berlin, this institution is also acknowledged as the best German Language School in Berlin.

Offering a quality four Week Intensive Course for 80-104 x45 min lessons, which costs around €680-€920, plus a one-off €40 registration fee, plus a class size that ranges between 4-12 students, this school also offers students access to their online learning tool with over 8000 exercises to help improve admitted students language study.

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11. DeutschAkademie

Another great German Language school in Berlin with good courses and outstanding academic performance over the years is the DeutschAkademie, having two locations in Berlin, which one is at
German course in Berlin Mitte at Alexanderplatz in the “Haus des Lehrers,” and the other at Wittenbergplatz opposite the KaDeWe department store.

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12. Anda Sprachschule

Located in Friedrichshain and Prenzlauer Berg, Anda Sprachschule is a friendly language school that offers quality intensive courses for 20h per week. They have evening courses, private lessons, and company courses.

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What Are The Best German Language Schools In Germany?

Although we have numerous German Language schools in Germany, below are our top Best.

  1. German language schools in Berlin
  2. Institute for International Education of Students Abroad (IES)
  3. Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)
  4. The Middlebury School.
  5. GLS Campus Berlin.
  6. Junior Year in Munich (JYM)
  7. Center for Study Abroad (CSA)
  8. NACEL Education Travel.
  9. Goethe University.

Which Institute Is Best For The German Language?

According to research, the Goethe-Institut is the perfect institution for the German language, as it’s a Federal Republic of Germany’s cultural institute.

Is Berlin Affordable For International Students?

Life in Berlin as an International Student is affordable, as they have a reasonable cost of living ( around 1000-1200 EUR a month) and schools with low tuition rates.

How Much Is Student Rent In Berlin?

The average prices for university residences in Berlin are around 750 euros per month.

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