Top Best Government Boarding Schools in Lusaka, Zambia 

Best Government Boarding Schools in Lusaka, Zambia

To those seeking the best government boarding schools in Lusaka, Zambia, this article is for you, as TwinkleHub offers a list of free boarding education in the country for those who are not financially capable of fostering other private institutions.

However, we also wrote an article on the best boarding schools in Zambia In case you wish to know some of the outstanding boarding institutions in the country, including some basic facts about those schools.

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Things to Consider About Government Schools Before Enrollment 

Although government education is free because they are built by the Federal government, to help promote education in the community (state) and also help those not financially capable of sponsoring their children into private education.

Below are a few things to also consider about any government school you want to enrol your child.

  1. Distance of the school from home, if it’s something your child can do daily unless you have a vehicle to help ease the transportation.
  2. The security of the government institution should be checked to know how secure the environment is as well for the safety of your child.
  3. Consider the conduciveness of the classrooms, even though it’s a government education, but should at least be okay for learning, so your kid can as well be able to grab something when taught.
  4. Teachers are available and how serious they are, should be considered so your child won’t end up becoming more dumped. There are certain kinds of teachers you will encounter, it will be better if you teach your kid yourself or change the place of learning for the child’s better future.
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Top Best Government Boarding Schools in Lusaka, Zambia 

1. David Kaunda Tech. Secondary School, Lusaka

Location: Yotam Muleya Rd, Lusaka, Zambia

Contact: +260 211 254 170

Ranking first in our list of best government boarding schools in Lusaka, Zambia, is the David Kaunda National Technical Secondary School, previously known or identified as Hodgson Technical College.

This school has earned a good reputation for itself even though it’s a boarding school. At David Kaunda Tech School, your child will be educated with a certain level of discipline, coupled with love and care, to help boost the child’s learning.

This school keeps receiving a higher record of admitted students yearly because of their dedicated efforts towards developing young talented children in pure science and technology.

Visit the School’s Facebook Page

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2. Thornhill Boarding and Day School

Location: Lusaka, Zambia

Another outstanding government boarding school in Zambia with a difference is the Thornhill Boarding and Day School, known to offer quality preschool education in a conducive learning environment, coupled with highly qualified teachers and passion to train children and perfect their future.

With a good and unique curriculum, this school perfects students in subjects such as pre-English, including pre-Maths and pre-Science. 

You might also be interested to know that at Thornhill Boarding and Day School, Their primary education has seven levels, starting from grades 1 (one) to 7 (seven).

This school is recognized among the best in Zambia because they have developed plenty of unique strategies to help all admitted children excel during their exams. 

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Visit School Website 

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3. Nyumba Yanga Secondary School Lusaka, Zambia

Another outstanding public (government) boarding school in Lusaka, is the Nyumba Yanga Secondary School, known to keep a good reputation and is dedicated to training students to good standards.

Established in 2012, Nyumba Yanga Secondary Education has successfully developed young students into great talents, with the help of their professional teachers.

Visit School Website 


Before enrolling your child into any of the above-listed government boarding schools, ensure you visit the school as a parent, and ensure the school meets your personal satisfaction, and also take note of the school’s security to ensure the safety of your child.

In case you have more questions and inquiries, you can use the comment section below, and wait for feedback from our reply teams. Good luck.

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