Best Girls Boarding Schools in Zambia 

Best Girls Boarding Schools in Zambia 

All parents seeking the Best Girls Boarding Schools in Zambia for the safety of their girls are welcomed to this article, as we have compiled a list of the top best boarding high schools located in Zambia that accept only females. 

Most boarding schools accept both males and females, while some accept only males, which is called boys boarding schools, and others accept only females, just as the institutions listed below.

Not all parents are willing to send their female kids to boarding institutions that accept both males and females, for personal reasons, and the below institutions will perfect their choice as the boarding schools listed below have made names for themselves all over Zambia.

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Benefits of Female Boarding Schools

  1. They focus on teaching female disciplines and other valuable skills a girl will need to grow.
  2. Most female boarding schools also teach them about girls’ life living, and how to take care of themselves while growing and stay disciplined as well.
  3. Boarding Schools, including female boarding schools, help kids to grow mentally and become mature enough to care for themselves.

Best Girls Boarding Schools in Zambia

After reading our brief reviews about each female boarding school listed below, you can visit each school’s direct link portals attached below to visit the school for more inquiries before making your decision of which institution to pick for your baby girl.

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1. Mary Queen of Peace Girls’ School

Mary Queen of Peace Girls’ School, located in Zambia is one of the best girls’ schools in the city of Lusaka, Zambia, owned by the Archdiocese of Lusaka and perfectly run by the Handmaid Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary as the Managing Agency, with standard learning facilities and a secured environment.

It might interest you to know that the Mary Queen of Peace Girls’ School was formerly known as St. Mary’s Primary School, which was established in the year 1967 to provide sound and quality education to all female children in Zambia. 

In 2002, this school changed its name to Mary Queen of Peace Girls’ School and also got some good developments in the infrastructure, staffing and others. This boarding school offers admission for both primary and secondary female students, which means the boarding school provides education from Baby class to Grade 12.

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2. Flame’s Girls Secondary School

School Address: Kasama Girls Secondary School, Kasama District.

Email Address: 

Contact: 221224

Established in 1965 (one of the oldest girls boarding schools in the Country), Flame’s Girls Secondary School, currently identified as Kasama Girls Secondary School, is among the best girls boarding schools in Zambia, with outstanding academic performances over the years.

This has a good learning environment, and is located in the popular Kasama district, the provincial headquarters of the Northern Province. This institution caters to female students from Grades 8-12, with a population of 65 teaching staff, and a conducive learning environment. 

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3. St. Monica’s Girls Secondary School

If you seek a well-disciplined boarding school in Zambia to enrol your female child, then consider the St. Monica’s Girls Secondary School, known for their good performances over the years, and their dedication to perfecting the future of their admitted students.

This school not only appears as the best female boarding schools but also among the best high schools in Zambia with a conducive learning environment and professional teachers dedicated to perfecting every child’s career.

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Boarding schools are a great option for many kids, as they learn self-discipline and also learn how to take care of themselves at an early stage.

There are various activities a child will enjoy in boarding schools aside from learning, and no child would love the attractive environments of the above-listed institutions.

However, locate the school and visit to be sure you love the environment, also make inquiries using the various school website links (portal) attached above. Feel free to use the comment section below for more questions surrounding this topic, and you will get feedback from our teams.

Good luck in your journey to finding the best boarding schools for your female child in Zambia.

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