Top 12 Best Fashion Design Universities in Canada

Best Fashion Design Universities in Canada
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Are you searching for the best fashion design universities in Canada? TwinkleHub offers you a list of top and outstanding schools that offer unique fashion courses, which might interest you to enroll, including other valuable facts about those institutions. 

A degree in fashion can open up a lot of doors for you, which is excellent news, and if you earn a degree in fashion, then you also have greater opportunities to excel in the industry and work with bigger companies that will perfect your career. 

Is Fashion Design a Good Career Path? 

Yes, fashion is a great and profitable career path that can earn you a splendid living if well studied, and such a career path has no season and when you earn a degree, you have higher chances of working with big brands, which means more money. 

Why Study Fashion in Canada?

Canada is one of the top countries with a standard educational system and also has good fashion schools that are acknowledged as among the best fashion schools in the world. 

Studying in Canada offers you bigger opportunities to mingle with people with the same interest and as well study under top professionals. You stand on a higher advantageous aspect if you study fashion in Canada. 

12 Best Fashion Design Universities in Canada

Now, if you have decided that you’re going to study in a fashion design school or university in Canada, here are the top 12 best fashion and design universities in Canada you should be looking at:

1. George Brown College

First on our list of best fashion design schools in Canada is George Brown College, known to have outstanding academic performances over the years. This school offers unique courses that will prepare all admitted fashion students for a successful career as a tailor or jeweler, as well as for the launch of your own successful business in either of these fields if you are interested in doing so. 

The school is situated in the heart of downtown Toronto, also known as the fashion capital of Canada, students will have access to this dynamic industry even while they are pursuing their education in the school. 

One interesting fact about this school is that they provide training that is ready for immediate use in the industry through the use of instructors who have insider knowledge, equipment that is up to date, and field education. 


Additionally, this school educates all admitted students in all aspects of fashion design as well as fashion business, including the fundamentals of design, marketing, merchandising, manufacturing, and fashion management. 

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2. Ryerson University School of Fashion

Next on our list of best and outstanding fashion design institutions in Canada is the Ryerson University School of Fashion, known to have one of the outstanding fashion programs in Canada. 

Located in Toronto, Ontario, you might love to know that the fashion design program offered at Ryerson is highly competitive and has an acceptance rate of only sixteen percent, and the school is home to three fashion degree programs: two bachelor’s degree programs and one master’s degree program.

The Bachelor of Design (BDes) degree is awarded upon completion of four years of study in either the Fashion Communication or Fashion design bachelor’s degree programs, to help perfect your career, and this got the school a spot among the best fashion colleges in the country. 


An interesting fact about this school is that the fashion program at Ryerson will teach you how to take raw materials like fabrics, colors, patterns, finishes, and silhouettes and turn them into sophisticated and forward-thinking garments and accessories. 

3. Humber College

If you want to also do great in the fashion industry, Humber College is another great choice, as it offers unique fashion courses that perfect all students to excel in the fashion industry, which also got it a spot among the best fashion and design colleges in Canada. 

Admitted students in this school, continue to build on the foundational skills they acquired in the first year by learning wholesale sales, retail buying and operation, photo styling, and event planning and budgeting in the second year of the program.

After acquiring unique fashion skills from this institution, one can then put them to use in the launching of new products, the planning of merchandise assortments, the styling of fashion shoots, and the production of fashion events.

The degree earned in fashion management helps prepare admitted students to be successful in the business side of the fashion industry by providing them with both traditional education and practical experience in the field.


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4. Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy

Ranking 4th in our list of best fashion design schools in Canada, the Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy, has a mission to instill in admitted students an appreciation for the highest professional standards in the fashion industry. 

If you live in Canada and have a burning desire to pursue a career in fashion design, the Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy is the institution you should attend, as it is acknowledged as among the best fashion schools in Canada with a difference.

This fashion designing school in Canada offers a full-time program that results in a diploma after two years of study to become a Fashion Designer. 

In addition, Richard Robison offers a range of part-time programs on the acquisition of a variety of skills, such as professional sewing, pattern making, fashion sketching, and lingerie.

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5. Lasalle College

Ranking 5th in our list of best fashion design colleges in Canada is the prestigious Lasalle College, which holds an outstanding academic record over the years, and has a good graduation rate. 

All admitted students in this institution will learn about the many facets of the fashion and design industry, and you will get the chance to start your journey toward an exciting career, as well as develop your talents in design, management, planning, or beauty. 

Established in 1959, LaSalle College is the largest bilingual college in North America, and it provides over 60 different pre-university, technical, and professional programs for its students. This school is acknowledged as another influential institution in the Canadian fashion industry. 

The fact that the International School of Fashion, Arts, and Design in Montreal provides students with a variety of diploma options (DEC, AEC, and DEP) places it among the most reputable fashion schools in all of Canada.

These unique programs offered in the above institution rank it among the best fashion and design universities in Canada, includes Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing, and Fashion Design for Costumes for Cinema and Television. In addition to that, it provides nine different AEC programs, some of which include Fashion Styling, Interior Design, and Technical Clothing Designer. 

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6. Fanshawe College

Another best design fashion college in Canada is Fanshawe College, having a 3 years advanced diploma in Fashion and Design, and outstanding academic performances over the years.  

The school’s 3 years program in fashion, provides professional career-directed training in the creation, production management, and marketing of apparel design. The areas of design analysis, apparel manufacturing and technology, design communications and marketing, and design marketing are given a lot of attention.

In this institution, you will improve your abilities in areas such as creative design, visual communication, business marketing, and technological aspects of apparel production. 

Practical skills such as pattern-making, draping, garment construction, and fashion illustration will also be taught to you during this program, and you will graduate with a professional portfolio as well as the skills necessary to work in a variety of jobs within the fashion and apparel industry if you participate in these experiences.

Fanshawe College provides students with access to three distinct fashion programs, including two diploma programs and a part-time program that offers short courses. 

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7. University of Alberta Fashion

The University of Alberta is consistently ranked among the top fashion schools in Canada and has maintained that spot for a long, as it always provides great students who are doing great exploits in the field. 

The institution’s degree in Fashion Business Management, which typically takes four years to complete, can prepare admitted students for a management position in the dynamic fashion industry. 

Furthermore, you will gain an advanced understanding of the theoretical, practical, and ethical processes involved in the design of textiles and clothing, as well as their production, distribution, and consumption, through the joint courses that you will take from both faculties.

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8. Olds College Fashion

Olds College is one of the fashion and design colleges that can claim to be the oldest in all of Canada. In 1913, it began functioning as a higher education institution and today it offers courses in various fields, including agriculture, business, tourism, and trade, among others. 

This school ranks among the best fashion colleges in Canada because this institution also provides a diploma program in Fashion, and has graduated a good number of students doing great in the fashion field. 

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9. Sheridan College Fashion

Sheridan College is another great fashion institution in Canada, and its Visual Merchandising Arts program is a diploma that lasts for two years and provides fashion enthusiasts with not only the visual merchandising skills they need but also the communication and leadership skills they can use in the fashion industry.

In this fashion college, you will learn how to become a professional fashion stylist as well as master the creation of an interactive retail environment by participating in this program, which helps fashion students to do great in the industry.

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10. Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Another excellent fashion school in Canada is the Kwantlen Polytechnic University, also known as KPU. This Canadian fashion university is home to one of the most prestigious bachelor’s degree programs in fashion, which is called the Fashion Design & Technology program (Fashion Marketing).

The Fashion Design and Technology degree program is a four-year program that builds future fashion leaders who are equipped with top-notch design skills, business savvy, and marketing know-how that is suitable for the international fashion industry, which makes the Kwantlen Polytechnic University School of fashion rank high among the best and outstanding fashion and design colleges in Canada.

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11. Academy of Design and Technology

Since 1983, the International Academy of Design and Technology, also known simply as the Academy of Design, has been providing its admitted students with the opportunity to participate in high-caliber fashion design programs, and as well perfect them in their field of passion. 

Furthermore, students who have a passion for examining the design of public spaces like hotels and restaurants can as well pursue a Bachelor of Interior Design degree at RCC’s Academy of Design, which is housed within the college.

12. Seneca College Fashion

If you want to study fashion and do great in this career, then consider Seneca College Fashion, as it has made a name for itself among the best fashion colleges in Canada. 

In this great institution, admitted students will gain experience in courses for virtually every artistic subfield imaginable, including the fashion design field. The school provides students with the opportunity to earn a certificate, two advanced diplomas, and two diplomas in the fashion industry. On Seneca’s Newnham Campus, students have access to all of these academic programs.

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Best Fashion Design Universities in Canada
Best Fashion Design Universities in Canada

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