Top 10 Best Driving Schools in Killeen, Texas and Other Handy Information

Those aspiring drivers seeking the best driving schools in Killeen should look at this list of Killeen’s outstanding driving academies to perfect their driving skills.

Also, we attached each institution’s website link below, so you can visit to make more inquiries about each academy before applying to know if what they offer suits your taste.

How Much Is Driving School In Killeen?

According to research, the various costs of driving schools in Killeen, Texas, with their packages, are below.

  1. For the Combo Package only, it costs around $430.00.
  2. The classroom package only costs around $250.00.
  3. And Behind the Wheel only cost around $330.00.

How Much Does It Cost To Learn Driving In Texas?

According to research, driving tuition on Texas courses for teens costs around $95-$150, and courses for adults cost around $45-$75. However, the cost varies according to the institution and its curriculum.

What are the Best Driving Schools in Killeen, Texas?

Below are the top 10 best driving academies in Killeen, Texas, and other handy information about those schools that might benefit you and ease your search.

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1. Total Rider Driving School

Ranking first in our list of outstanding driving academies in Killeen is the Total Rider Driving School, known to offer all the necessary and advanced knowledge for riding.

With highly qualified teachers, the school offers good course materials that cover all aspects of bike riding to help you become a smart and professional rider.

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2. Killeen Driving School

Killeen driving school is another notable driving institution in the city that offers good driving education with qualified teachers.

They welcome teens and adults interested in perfecting their driving skills, and the institution helps you pass driving tests to earn a license.

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3. Harker Heights Driving School

Having a goal of supporting and perfecting many drivers, Harker Heights Driving School has gained fame all over Killeen as one of the best driving schools with a difference.

They offer all driving courses, which include behind-the-wheel lessons and other advanced teachings to help perfect your driving confidence.

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4. Rally Ready Driving School

If you have zero driving experience and want to become a qualified driver quickly, consider enrolling in Rally Ready Driving School, as they have years of experience and passed many students.

This driving school got a spot among the best driving institutions in Killeen, as they offer the advanced basis of driving for both teens and adults, with affordable tuition rates.

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5. Central Driving School

Established in 1981, Central Driving School also got a spot among the best driving schools in Killeen, with its outstanding performance over the years.

With its fun lessons and instructors, the school has passed many drivers with licenses, making them professional drivers who obey road rules.

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6. Action Career Training III

With years of experience and affordable tuition fees, this driving academy has also gotten a spot among Killeen’s best driving schools to perfect your driving skills in a conducive environment.

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The school also welcomes all ages students and offers them all the basic and advanced knowledge in driving, with highly qualified instructors.

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7. Frost Driving School

Frost Driving School is another perfect driving academy with years of experience and qualified instructors to perfect your driving skills in a conducive environment.

This school has made a name for its fun and entertaining teachers, which is perfect for anyone with zero driving experience.

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8. Top Notch Driving School

Top Notch Driving School is another good academy that offers both Teen Driving Lessons and Adult Driving Lessons in a conducive environment.

With an affordable tuition fee, they offer good behind-the-wheel training program techniques to help perfect your driving skills and make you a more professional driver.

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9. Jim’s Defensive Driving School

If you want to excel in the driving world, consider enrolling in Jim’s Defensive Driving School, which aims to perfect a student’s driving career with its classic curriculum.

With highly qualified instructors, this driving academy offers good skills improvement courses like defensive and accident prevention training for corporate drivers.

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10. ATDS Truck Driving School

Lastly, ATDS Truck Driving School is another good academy to enroll in if you want to be a good/smart truck driver. They offer good trucking courses that equip you with all the necessary abilities, information, practical skills, and understanding to obtain your Texas CDL.

They offer weekly classes that cover the basic aspect of truck driving, including practice driving on their practice range and public roads, and their course duration takes about Nine (9) weeks to complete.

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Before enrolling into any driving institution, check out their school’s criteria to know if their tuition fees are okay for your budget and if their curriculum suits your choice.

Furthermore, all the above driving schools in Killeen are unique; pick the one that suits your interest, and visit their school portal to read more about them before applying.

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