10 Best Colleges in California for Engineering, Cost, and Locations

Best Colleges in California for Engineering

If you have a passion/interest in studying engineering and searching for the best colleges in California for Engineering, this article got you covered.

To perfect yourself as an engineer, you need education, not just from any institution, but a well-accredited engineering school that will offer you quality practical teachings to help perfect your career path as an engineer.

What are the Best Colleges in California for Engineering?

With little waste of time, let’s look at California’s top most outstanding engineering colleges below, with their tuition fees, location, and direct link attached. You can visit the school portal for more inquiries.

1. University of Southern California

Cost: $60,000 (undergraduate fee per year)

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Ranking first in our list of most outstanding engineering colleges in California is the University of Southern California (USC), which has eight well-equipped engineering departments and offers a total of 109 unique engineering degree programs.

This school is a private institution with a conducive learning environment and also offers a four years degree program, with a record of 673 undergraduate and 2,608 master’s degree students in 2020.

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2. Stanford University

Cost: $74,00 annually

Location: Stanford, CA

Stanford University is another outstanding engineering institution in the heart of Silicon Valley. This school has graduated a reasonable number of engineering students doing great in their career paths.

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This great University has top-notch faculty, well-equipped learning facilities, and nine individual central engineering departments, including aeronautics, bioengineering, chemical engineering, computer science, management science, civil and environmental engineering, and mechanical engineering.

Having over 50 centers and labs to study in, the school’s annual tuition fee is around $74,00.

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3. University of California-Irvine

Cost: Full-time in-state tuition = $36,00 per year, and out-of-state tuition = $67,000 per year.

Location: Irvine, CA

Established in 1961, the well-known University of California-Irvine engineering school also ranks among California’s top best engineering universities. This school has a class of 75 brilliant students, with a conducive learning environment.

Furthermore, the University of California-Irvine engineering school currently has 3,695 undergraduate and 926 graduate students, and they offer 11 undergrads and one unique graduate degree program.

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4. Santa Clara University

Cost: = $55,200 per year.

Location: Santa Clara, CA

Another good engineering university in California is Santa Clara University, as they offer a 4-year engineering program with eight undergraduate majors, twelve master’s programs, and three doctorate degrees.

Furthermore, the undergraduate program offered in this institution provides admitted students an opportunity to complete some units towards the master’s degree while still enrolled as undergraduates.

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5. University of California-Berkeley

Cost: Full-time instate = $36,00 per year, and out-of-state = $67,000 per year.

Location: Berkeley, CA

Located in the northern California bay area, near San Francisco, the University of California-Berkeley is also acknowledged as one of the best engineering schools in California, with 55 engineering degree programs and a reasonable acceptance rate of about 9%.

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Furthermore, this institution has recorded 3,892 undergraduate and 2,155 graduate students enrolled in the engineering program in 2020.

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6. University of California-Davis

Cost: Full-time in-state tuition = $36,00 per year, and out-of-state tuition = $67,000 per year.

Location: Davis, CA

The University of California-Davis College of Engineering is also a good engineering institution in California and one of the most extensive engineering programs in the United States.

Having around 4,404 undergraduate and 1,159 postgraduate students enrolled, this excellent institution program offers approximately 12 undergraduate engineering majors, which are listed below:

  • Aerospace Science and Engineering
  • Biochemical Engineering
  • Biological Systems Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

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7. University of California-San Diego

Cost: Full-time in-state = $36,00 per year, and out-of-state = $67,000 per year.

Location: La Jolla, CA

The Engineering department at the University of California-San Diego (UCSD) is an outstanding engineering department that offers around 41 unique engineering degree programs and does more practical teaching to perfect its students.

The school has good admission and graduation rates, and its program offers summer internships with local industries, including Cisco Systems.

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8. University of California-Los Angeles

Cost: Full-time in-state tuition = $36,00 per year, and out-of-state tuition = $67,000 per year.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Having a reasonable tuition and admission rate, the University of California- Los Angeles (UCLA) has gotten a spot among the best and most outstanding engineering schools in California, as it has an extensive engineering program with 192 full-time faculty members.

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This school is situated in Westwood, Los Angeles, with around 3,331 undergraduate and 2,185 graduate students enrolled in the engineering program during the 2020-2021 school year.

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9. California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo

Cost: In-state tuition = $9,943 per year, and out-of-state tuition = $23,833 per year.

Location: San Luis Obispo, CA

Offering 14 undergraduate engineering and 11 master’s degree programs, the California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo is also acknowledged as one of the most outstanding engineering schools in California.

This institution has over 80 state-of-the-art laboratories and roughly 250 engineering faculty on campus.

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10. San Jose State University

Cost: $7,8582 per year

Location: Silicon Valley, San Jose, CA

San Jose State University is another good engineering school you can enroll into, as they offer ten undergraduate engineering programs and 11 graduate programs with reasonable admission rates.

Furthermore, this great University has an affordable tuition fee, with standard learning facilities, and it serves over 7,100 undergraduate and graduate engineering students with its 390 faculty and staff members.

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Best / Highest-Paying Engineering Jobs

Below are a few top-paying and best engineering jobs around the world.

  1. Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning Engineer.
  2. Petroleum Engineer.
  3. Software Engineer / IT.
  4. Aerospace Engineer.
  5. Chemical Engineer.
  6. Electronics and Communication Engineer.
  7. Nuclear Engineer.
  8. Big Data Engineer.

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