9 Best Black Historical Colleges in Texas (HBCU) and Their Locations

Black Historical Colleges in Texas

Are you searching for the most outstanding Black Historical Colleges in Texas? TwinkleHub offers you a list of great Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in Texas, and details about those institutions, attaching their website link portals for more inquiries.

What is HBCU About?

Historically black colleges and universities are institutions (HBCUs), a higher level of Education established in the United States of America, with the primary intention of solely serving African Americans.

HBCUs were founded before the 1964 Civil Rights and have existed since then to serve African Americans.

What Are The Largest HBCUs?

1. St Philip’s College.
2. North Carolina A&T State University.
3. Howard University.
4. Prairie View A & M University.
5. Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University.
6. North Carolina Central University.
7. Southern University and A & M College.
8. Fayetteville State University.

What are the Best Black Historical Colleges in Texas?

To those interested in attending a unique and outstanding Historically Black College and Universities (HBCU) in Texas, then check out our below list of the top best and make your choice.

1. Texas Southern University (TSU)

Location: Houston, Texas

Having an admission rate of 91% and undergraduate enrollment of 7,092, Texas Southern University (TSU) is a top-notch education that ranks among Texas’s best black historical colleges.

TSU is home to over 9,500 students and over 1,000 outstanding faculty members; the university offers rigorous undergraduate programs with standard learning facilities and a conducive learning environment.

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2. Prairie View A&M University (PVAMU)

Location: Prairie View, Texas

Having an acceptance rate of 80% with an Undergraduate enrollment of 8,109, Prairie View A&M University also got a spot in this list of best black historical colleges in Texas for its outstanding academic performance since it was established in 1876.

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This institution is the second-oldest public institution of higher Education in Texas. It can be credited as the first state-supported college in Texas for African Americans, with a reasonable graduation rate.

Having over 150-year history, this outstanding school has awarded more than 46,000 degrees and has a low student-to-faculty ratio of 18:1.

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3. Southwestern Christian College (SCC)

Location: Terrell, Texas

Having an enrollment number of 200 undergraduate students, this school also got a spot among the most outstanding Historically Black Colleges and Universities in Texas and is known for its exceptional records since its establishment in 1948.

Members of the Churches of Christ founded this school as the Southern Bible Institute in 1948 to help its admitted students fully understand the concepts of “Christian Living.”

You might love that Southwestern Christian College offers two bachelor’s degree programs in Bible and Religious Education. They also provide two years associate degree program in liberal arts.

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4. Wiley College

Location: Marshall, Texas

Having an excellent undergraduate enrollment of 1,000, Wiley College is among the outstanding HBCU In Texas. It has kept an ideal academic record since established in 1872 by the Freedmen’s Aid Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Since its establishment, it has been popularly known as Wiley College and has been delivering faith-based, liberal arts Education for almost 150 years. The great school is well known for its debate team, which, in 1935, earned national attention when it debated and defeated the defending national champion, the University of Southern California.

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5. Huston-Tillotson University (HT)

Location: Austin, Texas

With a reasonable admission rate of 63% and an enrollment score of 1,112 undergraduate students, Huston-Tillotson University also made this list of the best and most outstanding Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in Texas.

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To help them improve, admitted students must take at least six (6) hours of diversity-focused courses, three of which must have an African/African Diaspora focus.
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6. Paul Quinn College

Location: Dallas, Texas

To deliver a faith-based education, Paul Quinn College is another great institution that ranks among the best HBCUs in Texas, with a good enrollment of 500.

This school was established in 1872 by African Methodist Episcopal Church preachers to formerly educate enslaved people and their children.

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7. Jarvis Christian College

Location: Hawkins, Texas

Another great institution that got a spot among the best HBCUs in Texas is Jarvis Christian College, which has a reasonable admission rate of 14% and an undergraduate enrollment number of 900.

Founded in 1913, this great institution provides a peaceful study environment while offering easy access to more metropolitan areas to help better admitted students.

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8. St. Philip’s College

Location: San Antonio, Texas

St. Philip’s College is a great institution that offers unique courses and has an undergraduate enrollment of about 7,676, with an outstanding academic performance, which got it a spot among the best Black Historical colleges in Texas, with an excellent student-to-faculty ratio of 15:1 and 20.8 average class size of admitted students.

You might appreciate that this outstanding college is the only one in the country designated as a Historically Black College (HBC) and a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI).

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9. Texas College

Location: Tyler, Texas

Last on our list of best black historical colleges in Texas is the Texas College itself. This institution has a good enrollment of 1,000 undergraduate students, good learning facilities, and standard classrooms.

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Established in 1894 by a group of Christian Methodist Episcopal Church (CME Church) ministers, Texas College is still affiliated with the CME Church. It has a student-to-faculty ratio of 25: 1, with 12 bachelor’s degrees in the below courses:

Business Administration
Computer Science
Criminal Justice
General Studies
Interdisciplinary Studies
Social Work

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Are There Any Historically Black Colleges In Texas?

There are numerous unique and outstanding Historical Black Colleges in Texas, and we have Paul Quinn College, the first HBCU established in the state. It’s situated in Dallas, Texas, without suitable building structures.

You might also love to know that Wiley College is the second oldest black historical college in Texas, established in 1873 and located in Marshall, Texas.

Cheapest Historically Black College and Universities (HBCU) In Texas

Jarvis Christian College is the cheapest Historically Black College in Texas, and this institution offers Associate and Bachelor’s degrees to admitted students.

You might love to know that both on-campus and online programs are available in this institution, and the options for majors in Jarvis Christian College include:
Business Administration.

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