Top 7 Best Architecture Schools in Florida, Tuition Fees and Contacts 

Architecture Schools in Florida

Just as we have a list of the best architecture universities in the World, in Europe, and the United States, This article from TwinkleHub also compiled a list of the most outstanding architecture schools in Florida, including their tuition fee ranges and links to their school portals.

Architecture is among the most sought-after career paths in this digital World, as most buildings and constructions need a proper design plan by an architect for good standards to be achieved.

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Everyone who studies architecture at the University will have top knowledge and experience as most School’s curriculum covers the vital aspects of architecture, including offering practical classes with standard drawing studios.

Architect who wants to excel in the industry should have creativity skills, as their jobs focus on making good plans and designs for houses, buildings and constructions, offices, factories, and other structures. 

With little waste of time, let’s look at some of Florida’s well-known and outstanding architecture universities.

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Best Architecture Schools in Florida

1. University of Florida

Tuition: $28,659

Contact: 352-392-3261

Established in 1853, with an acceptance rate of 31%, the famous University of Florida uniquely offers architecture courses and has graduated students doing well in their career paths.

This institution is a public land-grant research university located in Gainesville, Florida, and the School’s architecture program leads to a pre-professional undergraduate degree.

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2. University of Central Florida

Tuition: $22,467

Contact: 407-823-2000

Established in 1963, with a reasonable acceptance rate of 45%, the University of Central Florida, located in Orange County, Florida, also got a spot on this list of best architecture schools in the city.

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You may love to know that this institution offers unique architecture courses that help admitted students become essential and influential people in their careers. 

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3. Florida A&M University

Tuition: $17,725

Contact: 850-629-7686

Another outstanding architecture institution in Florida to apply to is Florida A&M University, known for its educational performance since established in 1887.

This School’s Department of Architecture aims to provide an enriched academic, intellectual, moral, cultural, and good ethnic student-centered environment, which will be helpful in their overall development and prepare them for a promising future.

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4. USF School of Architecture and Community Design

Tuition: $22,467

Contact: 407-823-2000

If you seek a well-disciplined institution offering unique architecture courses, apply for the USF School of Architecture and Community Design, as they aim to create a good community filled with creativity.

Founded in 1986, with an acceptance rate of around 45.2%, this institution ranks among the best architecture schools in Florida, with well-equipped drawing studios to help perfect students.

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5. Florida International University

Tuition: $18,963

Contact: 305-348-2000

Florida International University is one of the best public research institutions with numerous degree options, including a degree in architecture.

This institution was established in 1965, with standard building structures and a reasonable acceptance rate of 57.9%, and the institution is known for its quality of education.

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6. University of Miami

Tuition: $53, 682

Contact: 305-284-3731

Offering numerous undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degrees, the University of Miami also provides a suitable architecture program that is practical, theoretical, and actual, with the aim of building a career out of the study.

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Since its establishment in 1925, the School has always topped among the best universities in Florida, and its acceptance rate is around 33.1%.

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7. Florida Atlantic University

Tuition: $17,324

Contact: 512-692-7175

Lastly, Florida Atlantic University, also identified as FAU, is a public university in the Miami metropolitan area, with a conducive learning environment and a reasonable acceptance rate of 75%.

Established in 1964, FAU offers excellent and unique architecture courses that promote innovation and creativity and prepare all admitted students for their future.

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Why Study Architecture in Florida

Florida has many outstanding institutions that offer good architecture courses with practical classes to help perfect their students’ futures.

Also, studying architecture in Florida allows you to mingle among people with the same vision and learn from professionals in your field using standard facilities and good drawing studios to perfect yourself for real-life work.

Graduating with a degree in architecture from any of the above-listed best architecture schools in Florida will increase your chances of working with big companies and earning a good salary.

Is Architecture a Good Career Path?

Yes, the architecture field is a good and lucrative career path, as the demand for architects keeps increasing because construction takes place constantly, and before you can obtain a standard structure or building, a plan and design are needed, which requires a professional architect with a degree.


We hope the above list of the best architecture institutions in Florida has eased your search. Also, use the links below each institution to visit their direct portal and inquire about their requirements before applying.

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