Top 10 Best Architecture Schools in Europe With Their Locations 

10 Best Architecture Schools in Europe With Their Locations 

Just as we have a compiled list of the world’s best architecture universities, we also offer the top 10 best architecture schools in Europe to help you make a better choice for your career.

If you want to excel as an architect, you need a degree in architecture, which will help bring out your creative thinking skills and also paint you greatly to the world. 

Furthermore, the architecture course combines art and science and employs good design to communicate innovative/effective construction solutions.

Who is an Architect?

According to research, an architect is a person with creative thinking used to plan, design, and supervise the construction of buildings. An architect plays a vital role in consult/design, proper documentation, and construction. 

An architect can also participate in every stage of any building project, from communicating concepts to customers and contractors, creating plans and specifications, and managing the many stages of construction to see that good results are obtained.

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How Long is an Architecture Degree in Europe?

Five (5) years is the duration to obtain a master’s degree plus a bachelor’s degree in architecture.

Top 10 Best Architecture Schools in Europe With Their Locations 

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1. Delft University of Technology

Location: Netherlands

Established in 1904 with standard building structures for architectural studies, the TU Delft ranks among the best Architecture Schools in Europe, with outstanding performance.

This university typically enrolls around 450 undergraduate and graduate students yearly, with a professor offering all admitted students strong networks to build interpersonal and professional ties, which may help secure good jobs after graduation.

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2. University College London

Location: London, UK

Another perfect architecture institution in Europe is the University College London, located in the United Kingdom, with highly professional teachers aiming to perfect all students’ vision with the best knowledge required to excel.

With a unique curriculum that involves all admitted students in deep research projects, this institution is perfect for your career as an architect with a big vision.

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3. Technical University of Munich

Location: Munich, Germany

Technical University Munich is recognized as one of the best technical universities in Germany and a public research school concentrating on engineering, technology, applied science, and natural science. 

TUM is a perfect choice if you want to study architecture to the fullest, as the institution has a significant alum network due to its good status as one of Germany’s top universities.

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4. Catholic University of Leuven

Location: Flanders, Belgium

Another great research university focusing on research, teaching, and services, the Catholic University of Leuven, located in Belgium, has a good curriculum covering the various aspects of architecture lessons.

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With a good and conducive learning environment, this institution got a spot among Europe’s best architecture schools. You can click the link below to inquire further about this institution before enrolling.

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5. Polytechnic University of Milan

Location: Milan, Italy

The Politecnico di Milano is a perfect and well-disciplined institution to pursue a Master’s in Architecture, as it’s acknowledged among the world’s best architecture schools and the best in Europe.

This institution offers courses in design, engineering, and architecture, with a range of options for all admitted students who want to balance their academic pursuits with travel adventures outside the city of Italy.

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6. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

With an affordable tuition fee reasonable percentage of graduates, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, located in Switzerland, has a perfect curriculum that covers various vital aspects of architectural studies and can perfect your career path.

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7. University of Cambridge

Location: Cambridge, UK

If you seek a well-disciplined institution to study architecture deeply, consider the University of Cambridge as it’s among the world’s best architecture schools and has a spot among the best in Europe.

Cambridge University is among the oldest research institutions, known for its vibrant campus culture and accessibility to some of the top industry experts. 

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8. Technical University of Madrid

Location: Madrid, Spain

The architecture department at the Technical University of Madrid, schools, is another perfect institution to study architecture. It has a perfect curriculum and has maintained a good reputation since its establishment in 1848.

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Because it’s a large institution, it admits or accepts around 3,900 of 5,000 students each year and all the resources to perfect your career path; just be willing and ready to study hard.

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9. Vienna University of Technology

Location: Austria

With the need for qualified architects, this institution is determined to perfect every great mind, as their curriculum offers vital deep studies that will offer you a wide range of knowledge in your field of choice.

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10. University of Sheffield

Location: Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England

Lastly, the University of Sheffield, located in England, is another perfect school to study architecture as they have all the required practical facilities and studios.

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What is the Best Country To Study Architecture?

The Netherlands is the best and finest country to study architecture, and Delft University of Technology is among the best universities in the Netherlands that offer architectural studies with equipped facilities.

Best English-Taught Architecture Universities in Europe

  1. KU Leuven. Brussels, Leuven, Belgium 
  2. 2. Polytech University of Milan. Milan, Italy 
  3. 3. Delft University of Technology, Netherlands.

Which Country Has The Most Affordable Architecture Programs?

According to research, Norway is the least expensive (most affordable) nation to study architecture. 

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