Top 10 Best Architecture Schools in Canada / Tuition Fees

10 Best Architecture Schools in Canada / Tuition Fees
10 Best Architecture Schools in Canada / Tuition Fees

All young creative minds with a passion for architecture seeking the best architecture schools in Canada should read through this article as it has compiled a list of the top 10 Canada’s best architecture universities.

Canada has numerous prestigious and best Architecture degree institutions for talented students to opt for, and pursuing a bachelor’s degree in architecture will offer all admitted students a unique perspective and understanding of architectural design and help perfect their careers.

Although the admission process for most universities in Canada is competitive, including their tuition fees (depending on the institution), some schools also offer scholarships to help lessen the tuition fee burden.

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Why Study Architecture in Canada?

Canada is known as a global technological hub, offering good access to the latest and vital tools for design and fabrication, which will help perfect your skills as an architect. 

Furthermore, Architects are in high demand in Canada, with a wide range of job opportunities, which increases your chances of getting a job after graduation, making Canada one of the perfect countries to study architecture and excel.

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What are the Top 10 Best Architecture Schools in Canada?

Numerous outstanding schools in Canada offer architectural courses, but the few listed below are the top 10 best you can choose from.

Attached to each listed institution below is their direct school link portal In case you want to visit and make more inquiries and seek their requirements before making a choice.

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1. University of Waterloo

Tuition fee: $8,117

Ranking first in our list of outstanding architecture universities in Canada is the University of Waterloo, known for its unique curriculum, offering undergraduate and Master’s degrees with strict requirements for successful applicants.

This institution was founded in 1959 and has kept a good record as one of the best public research schools with the aim of building/perfecting young creative minds, as they also offer several scholarship programs to international students.

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2. University of Toronto

Tuition fee: $11,400

Established in 1827, the University of Toronto, a public research university in Toronto, Canada, also got a spot among the best architecture schools in Canada with over 200 programs, including Architecture.

Furthermore, this school has a conducive learning environment and facilities, including drawing studios.


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3. University of Calgary

Tuition fee: $6,166

Offering good undergraduate and graduate degrees in professional development, research, and community outreach with reasonable tuition rates, the University of Calgary also got a spot among Canada’s best architecture schools.

This school is also a well-disciplined public research university in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The school also supports admitted students through scholarships.

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4. Carleton University

Tuition fee: $7,292

With a reasonable tuition fee of $7,292, Carleton University, founded in 1942 as Carleton College, is another public research university in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, with good acknowledgment for quality education and facilities.


This university has talented professionals determined to perfect all students for a great future.

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5. McGill University

Tuition fee: $5,110

With an affordable tuition fee, McGill University is another public research university in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, with great purpose and vision. They offer unique undergraduate, postgraduate, and Master’s programs in architecture, landscape architecture, and community planning.

Since its establishment in 1821, this school has ranked among the best architecture schools in Canada and the world.

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6. University of Montreal

Tuition fee: $9,175

Founded in 1878, the University of Montreal is a perfect institution to study architecture, as it offers a Bachelor of Architecture degree program that aims at urban design and sustainable practices.

This school also has the facilities to help perfect your practical knowledge and creativity.

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7. University of British Columbia

Tuition fee: $9,232

Founded in 1908, The University of British Columbia is another great public research university to study architecture, and it’s located in Kelowna, British Columbia, with over 40,000 students and standard learning facilities.

You may love that this school offers undergraduate and graduate architecture degrees, including BArch, MArch, and PhD programs.

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8. University of Alberta

Tuition fee: $6,500

Established in 1908 and one of Canada’s oldest, largest, and most prestigious universities, the University of Alberta is also a perfect architecture institution that offers undergraduate degree programs in arts, music, sciences, engineering, and architecture.

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You may love to know that the mission of this prestigious school is personal growth, research, and community service, and they offer scholarships to students.

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9. Dalhousie University

Tuition fee: $8,346

Established in 1818, with affordable tuition fees, Dalhousie University is another large public research university situated in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, with two different campuses.

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10. Toronto Metropolitan University

Tuition fee: $10,343

Last on our list of top 10 best architecture universities in Canada is the Toronto Metropolitan University, established in 1948 with its core campus in the Garden District.

It’s essential to know that the University of Toronto is a publicly funded institution with seven academic divisions, including Arts, Community Services, Engineering, and Architecture. 

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