Top 6 Best Animation Colleges in Germany You Will Love

Animation Colleges in Germany
Animation Colleges in Germany

We have compiled a list of the most outstanding Animation Schools in Europe. We also offer you the top 6 best animation colleges in Germany, with detailed facts about the institutions you will love.

Germany is one of the top countries for digital technology. It has outstanding institutions that offer unique courses and welcomes international students, which makes it the perfect place to study animation courses.

What are the Best Animation Colleges in Germany?

1. The Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf, Potsdam, Germany

Ranking first in our list of most outstanding animation schools in Germany is the Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf, with a conducive learning environment.

You might love to know that this great institution (The Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf) has 37 full-time professors, 11 honorary professors, 35 research associates, and some 65 visiting lecturers, as well as “close ties and collaborations” with other top-known film and television academies in Germany and more than 50 countries around the world.

Furthermore, the quality programs offered at this institution are interdisciplinary, focusing on “craftsmanship and teamwork” to perfect their students greatly. This school offers continuing education and unique events that “allow for the discussion of cultural, social, and political issues.”

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Unique programs for aspiring animators include a BFA in Animation and an MFA in Animation Direction, which is filled with unique programs like; artistic, practical, and technological basics of all classic, experimental, and digital 2D and 3D animation techniques, which will help them acquire great skills in animation, concept design, background art, character design, and others.

However, BFA in Animation in this school takes around eight semesters to complete (240 credits). In comparison, MFA in Animation may complete the program in four semesters (120 credits). Students in the above program can access analog and digital animation studios, 2D and 3D computer animation labs, video and audio editing workstations, and many more.

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2. Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg

Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, the Institute of Animation, Visual Effects and Digital Postproduction, Ludwigsburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany is also ranked among the best animation colleges in Germany, with outstanding academic performance over the years.


Established in 1991, this institution has graduated many outstanding students, and the key to its success is diversity, and a “learn by doing” philosophy.

This school also offers editing suites, a production design workshop, and audio-post production, with well-equipped facilities to help better students after graduation.

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3. Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt, Germany

Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences is considered one of Germany’s most outstanding animation schools, with a good admission and graduation rate. The school offers numerous programs, from art and design to business to engineering and computer science.

Furthermore, this great institution offers a BA in Animation & Game and an MA in Animation and Game Direction. These programs encompass character design and storytelling, 2D and 3D animation, game development, and programming, offering all admitted students advanced theoretical knowledge and methodological competencies.

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You might love to know that the BA Program, which is taught in English, in this school, covers great animation aspects like character design and storytelling, 2D and 3D animation, game development, and programming, which has helped perfect and prepare its students for careers as animation artists, animation/game producers, art directors, technical artists, game designers, or game programmers.

With well-equipped facilities and more practical teaching, all graduated students from this institution are equipped to create compelling, original content and carry out relevant research in animation, games, and emerging technologies such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

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4. SAE Institute Germany

Having Nine Campuses, and 54 campuses in 26 countries, SAE Institute Germany is among the most outstanding Animation colleges in Germany, as they offer quality programs in animation, audio, film, games development, music business, and the web.

Furthermore, the available animation programs at SAE Institution include a BA/BSc (Hons) in Game Art Animation; one can also be awarded a BA/BSc (Hons) in Visual Effects Animation, a Game Art & 3D Animation Diploma, a Visual FX & 3D Diploma, and a Professional Media MA.


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5. BTK – College of Design, Berlin & Hamburg, Germany

BTK – College of Design also got a spot among the best animation colleges in Germany. It was also the first great institution to offer a basic and unique degree in Motion Design with well-equipped facilities and conducive classes for quality education.

Furthermore, Programs in this institution for aspiring animators include a BA in Film + Motion Design. The program covers all aspects of 2D and 3D animation, film editing, visual effects, image design, camera and light control, sound design, color correction, and more.

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6. Games Academy, Berlin, Germany

Finally, we have the Games Academy in Berlin, ranked among the most outstanding animation colleges in Germany, and is also the oldest games school in Europe with outstanding academic performance over the years.

Furthermore, this institution has four specialized training programs: a quality Game Design program, Game Programming, Digital Art, and Game Production. Their programs take up to two years to complete (four semesters).

Admitted students who choose to go for the digital Art program will be taught various aspects of classical “visual arts” (drawing, modeling) as well as computer visualization (3D modeling, texturing, and animation). Those students can also combine the Digital art program with game design, which will offer two degrees: Digital Artist (GA Certificate) and Game Designer (GA Certificate).

Which Country Is Best For Animation Studies?

We have numerous institutions worldwide that offer unique animation studies, but the below are our top best.

  1. Animation in the USA.
  2. Animation in the UK.
  3. Animation in Canada.
  4. Animation in Australia.
  5. Animation in Cyprus.
  6. Animation in the Netherlands.

Is Animation In Demand In Germany?

Yes, animation is in high demand in Germany, as the country offers great animation courses and employs graduates in different fields of animation.

Do Animation Jobs Pay Well?

Yes, an animation job is a good-paying career path, and animators make over $76,853 per year on average, or $36.95 per hour, in the United States.

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