Art Schools in Virginia – Admission Requirements, Tuition Fee, and Others

Art Schools in Virginia - Admission Requirements, Tuition Fee, and Others

Are you searching for the best and most affordable art schools in Virginia that enroll many students? Then this content has your solution, as we compiled a list of the best and most affordable art schools in Virginia, their admission rate, cost (tuition fee), requirements, and other valuable information you may love to know. 

Suppose you have a great passion for art and want to explore more, learn more, and start a career in that field. In that case, education is required to publish you up and offer you the opportunity to meet new people or make friends with the same interest, and you will also get tortured by professionals in that field.

One of the good things about enrolling in a higher institution to study is because you gain more ideas, work with real equipment during practicals, which will perfect you more in that field, and you also have a higher job opportunity to work in bigger industries or companies because of your certificate, that qualifies you for that job.   

Why Study Art in Virginia? 

According to my little research, I found that Virginia is home to one of the oldest universities that are ranked among the top best universities in the world. 

Furthermore, most Virginia schools are well-accredited and among the best ranked in the world, with good building structures and well-equipped learning facilities for students’ practicals. 

However, studying art in Virginia offers you a greater opportunity to learn greatly among experts and with professional practical equipment. 

Most students in the art field are very successful and earn high income as work after graduation. Therefore, you need the education to perfect you and make you a professional in that field. Studying in any of the below listed best schools in Virginia is the perfect decision you can make. 

What is the Average Cost of Art Schools in Virginia? 

According to my research, the average cost of studying in one of the best art schools in Virginia is around $30,000. You will get the full educational knowledge required, with practicals using real/professional equipment and tools to help perfect you. 

How To Get Into Art Schools in Virginia

For you to be able to get into any of the best art schools in Virginia, you are expected to provide the following:

  • Your Art Portfolios
  • A well-written Letters of recommendations
  • A Personal statements
  • Your High school transcripts and transcripts from previously attended institutions are also needed. 

However, if you are enrolling for a master’s degree, you must provide or submit your bachelor’s degree. 

Furthermore, if you are an international student from a non-English speaking country, you must submit an English language proficiency test score like the TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE.

Although the above requirements vary and depend on the school you are applying to, remember that those are the requirements needed. 

Art Schools in Virginia - Admission Requirements, Tuition Fee, and Others

What are the Best Art Schools in Virginia 

1. William & Mary, Art & Art History

First on our list of best art schools in Virginia is the popular and prestigious University, identified as William & Mary, known among the best high institutions in Virginia, with good acceptance rates and well-equipped lab for practical learning. 

The popular William & Mary Art School has graduated a good number of art students who are doing great and has numerous enrolled students who teach professionals in a familiar learning environment. 

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Tuition Fee: The tuition fee for in-state students at William & Mary art institute is $23,812 and for out-of-state students is $46,467.

Admission Rate: The admission or you can call it the acceptance rate for William & Mary institution, is 42%. 

Admission Requirements: Before enrolling in William & Mary, you need to have a High school transcript and a High School GPA. 

2. Longwood College, Department of Art

Another popular art school that made this list of best art schools in Virginia is the well-known Longwood College, known to have a well-built and equipped department of art, with a good number of students doing great, and a good recorded number of graduated students as well. 

Furthermore, the great institution of Longwood College does great in helping all students aspiring to be great artists, famous designers, historians, and educators, make life-changing impacts through their passion.

You stand to gain more if you enroll in this great institution. You will also benefit greatly from the institution, as you will be taught by great professionals and practice with real facilities. 

Application Fee: The application fee for Longwood College is $50. 

Admission Rate: Currently, the institution’s admission rate is 87%. 

Admission Requirements: Before you enroll in the great institution, you will submit Transcript results, a Personal document with a passport photograph, and lastly, a High school GPA. 

3. Bluefield University, Fine Arts Division

Next on my list of best art schools in Virginia is the popular Bluefield University, known for its good qualities and records of great graduated students, and it offers programs that enable both in-state and out-of-state students of all ages to study.

The institution, Bluefield University, has many art students who are well taught with practicals, using professional equipment to perfect them. 

Furthermore, the institution has been in existence since 1993, till date, and still doing great, as it tops the list of best high schools or universities in Virginia. 

Tuition Fee: The average cost of tuition fee yearly for in-state students at Bluefield University is $3,736 and for out-of-state students is $8,977. 

4. University of Mary Washington

Next on our list of best art schools in Virginia is the popular the University of Mary Washington, known for its outstanding records and good graduation rates. 

The great institution provides all admitted students with a quality learning environment and facilities. Also, it offers yearly experiences in music, museums, theatre, and fine arts to its students, including dancing. 

All students of the prestigious University of Mary Washington have a greater opportunity to meet great men in their field, also get taught by professionals, and after education, will graduate with a certificate of qualification. 

Tuition Fee: The cost of admission into the University of Mary Washington is averagely around $25,982 

Admission Rate: The school has an acceptance or admission rate of 80%. 

Admission Requirements: Before you can be admitted to study at the prestigious University of Mary Washington, you must provide or submit your transcript results, your complete personal documents, and a passport photograph. 

5. Emory & Henry College, Art Department

The great and well-known Emory & Henry College is another popular and standard art school in Virginia, with good building structures and learning facilities, and also ranks among the best art schools in Virginia. 

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Emory & Henry College also provides its students with other helpful courses on museum studies that help students get a better working experience with artwork in a gallery. 

Scholarship opportunities are given in this institution, and its junior and senior students are allowed to submit all of their artwork to foto fest by any media in the school. 

One of the good things about this great institution is that its students are well taught in visual arts, and this becomes helpful in influencing their thinking.

Tuition Fee: The cost of tuition fee at Emory & Henry College is $36,350 for all students who want to enroll.

Admission Rate: Emory & Henry College has an acceptance rate of 80%, which shows they are highly selective. 

Admission Requirements: To enroll in the great institution, you must have an SAT score between 960 and 1150.  Secondly, your transcript must include a senior class schedule. You should have 11 credits in English, Maths, Laboratory science, and social studies to have a higher chance of getting admitted into the institution. 

6. Virginia Tech School

The popular Virginia Tech School is ranked among the best schools in Virginia and also the best art school in the state that helps to educate all admitted students on how to become professional designers, starting from learning how to design helmets for bikes, and this helps all students to fully connect with things they were taught in class to develop a deeper knowledge of life experiences, after graduation. 

Furthermore, the great institution also offers opportunities for all admitted students to meet with others in the same field of interest. They can learn from each other and be taught other skills from professionals. 

The Virginia Tech School is known to offer the best and quality education to its students, as well as the quality of life & food on the campus.

Tuition Fee: The cost of study at Virginia Tech School for both the in-state and the out-of-state students is $13,749 and $32,893, respectively.

Admission Requirements: Before enrolling or getting admitted into the great Virginia Tech School, you must get a 4.04 GPA and an SAT score of 1170 -1600. 

7. The Mason Community Arts Academy 

Another great and well-established Art school in Virginia with good learning structures and professional lecturers is the popular known Mason Community Arts Academy. 

This great institution makes great efforts to offer quality education to its students. Also, it brings quality arts education through events, creative technology classes, and other educational programs that help educate and enrich teachers.

Tuition Fee: The institution has a compulsory law that fully states that a nonrefundable fee of online registration of $50 should be paid into the school’s account and tuition fees for both in-state and out-of-state students.

Admission Rate: The Mason Community Arts Academy is very selective and has an acceptance rate of 89% and an early acceptance rate of 90%. 

Admission Requirements: To enroll in the great institution, you must have an SAT score of 1100 or 1300 and transcript results. You will also need to submit a personal document with your passport photograph attached to it, increasing your chances of getting admitted into the Mason Community Arts Academy institution. 

8. Maryland Institute College Of Arts

Maryland Institute College of Arts is another great art school situated in Virginia, with a good building structure and well-equipped learning environment and facilities. 

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The institution is credited as among the oldest independent art schools in the country and offers quality education to all admitted students, both undergraduates, and postgraduate degrees. 

9. James Madison University

Next on our list of best art schools in Virginia is the public research and well-acknowledged James Madison University, which offers business, music, education, health & behavioral studies programs for undergraduates, graduates, and professional & continuing education.

The school has a good number of graduated art students doing great and has standard building structures and learning facilities. 

Tuition Fee: The total cost of study at James Madison University for in-state students is $11,720 and for out-of-state students is $28,646.

10. Virginia Commonwealth University, School of Arts

Lastly, the popular Virginia Commonwealth University School of Arts also ranks among Virginia’s most outstanding Art Schools, with good graduated students and well-established learning environments/classrooms. 

The school has made a good name for itself and ranks among the best Universities in Virginia, with standard building structures and professional teachers. 

Tuition Fee: According to our research, the cost of study at Virginia Commonwealth University, the school of art, for all the in-state students is $27,881, and the total cost for all the state students is $49,827. 

Admission Requirements: Before applying to the school, you must first pass a year of art foundation.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Art Schools in Virginia

What is the Cheapest Art School in Virginia?

We have numerous art schools in Virginia with cheap tuition costs that are very cheap to get admitted. However, according to our list, the Virginia state university is the cheapest because it has a low tuition fee and the net price for in-state tuition is $9,056 and out-of-state $19,576.

Do Art Schools in Virginia accept International Students?

The answer is Yes. The majority, or 80 – 90% of art schools in Virginia, accept International Students. Therefore, an international student can confidently apply, and once you complete all requirements, you will surely gain admission. 

How do Artists Get Famous?

Most Artists get famous through their beautiful artworks. Your artwork, design, and perfect color combinations will speak greatly for you if you do it well, and education will also help you.

Is Art a Good Career?

The answer is YES. Art is a good career path; if well learned and done well, your work will take you to different places on earth. Just learn it right, develop a passion for it, and add education. You will excel greatly.

Art Schools in Virginia


I hope we can offer you a great list of what you are looking for? Feel free to ask more questions on art schools in Virginia, using the comment section below, and our feedback team will reply to you quickly.

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