8 Best Journalism Universities in Canada (Latest Ranking)

Best Journalism Universities in Canada

Suppose you are interested in studying journalism in Canada. In that case, you need to enroll in any of the below top 8 best Journalism Universities in Canada to acquire the full knowledge you desire. 

When you make good grades in any of the below great institutions, you have a higher chance of getting job with your good grades. 

Is Journalism Good in Canada?

Canada is one of the best countries to study because they have great institutions that rank among the best schools in the world, and Journalism is one of the fastest-growing careers in Canada, with more than 10% of Canadians employed in this field, which gives you a higher chance of getting a job after graduating. 

What Do Journalists Do?

The duty of a Journalist is crucial in today’s society and also in high demand. A well-educated journalist covers various topics, from news and sports to science, technology, crime, and entertainment.

A journalist updates the world on current happenings through various news platforms and social media. 

How Much Does it Cost to Study Journalism in Canada?

Studying Journalism in Canada depends on the institution because different institutions have various tuition fees, but the average fee for a Bachelor of Journalism in Canada is nearly INR 16.5 Lakhs.

How do I Become a Journalist in Canada?

Before becoming a fully acknowledged journalist in Canada, you must have either a university degree or college diploma in journalism or a related field such as communications. 

Is Journalism a Good Career?

With the high demand for journalists worldwide and the fast-growing numbers in the communication channels, I see journalism as a good career path, and it also pays greatly, making it worth the study. 

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8 Best Journalism Universities in Canada

1. Carleton University

If you want to study journalism and become a well-educated journalist worldwide, think of studying at great institutions like Carleton University. 

This institution is one of the best schools in Canada and ranks high among the most outstanding journalism schools in Canada, with good acceptance rates and tuition fees. 

In addition, the degree program for this institution focuses specifically on news and political journalism. It includes a competitive marking system to weed out the students who can’t maintain the minimum B+ average throughout the program, to help the school produce great people who can do great in that field. 

Furthermore, the school offers two master’s programs that are hands-on and academic. There is also an intense one-year program for experienced journalists and those with a journalism degree. 

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2. University of King’s College

Ranking second on our list of best journalism colleges in Canada is the famous University of King’s College, also acknowledged as one of the best schools in the country. 

Furthermore, It takes four years to get through this competitive journalism program in Halifax, Nova Scotia. First, you will need a mandatory internship, which allows you as a student in the institution to find your area of focus, which is included in the program. 

Next, you will be required to have a one-year master’s program, which is available for students with a journalism undergrad and journalism professionals. 

Lastly, all admitted students into this college must pick between two streams: investigative reporting or new ventures in journalism.

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3. Concordia University

Concordia university offers a three-year bachelor’s degree program, and the institution is in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. And this great school also got a spot among the best journalism schools in Canada. 

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Furthermore, the program offered in this institution has three different specializations to choose from, and all admitted students can customize their degree to their interests to make them do great. 

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4. Centennial College

Centennial College ranks 4th among the best journalism colleges in Canada because it offers all admitted students two excellent and versatile journalism programs, both with internship options, which makes the students do great in that field.

Furthermore, all admitted students in this institution can choose to receive either the collaborative four-year Bachelor of Arts joint program with the prestigious and popular University of Toronto or the three-year Diploma program.

You might love to know that Centennial college also offers a two-year graduate program for university grads and practicing journalists, which also plays a great role in perfecting all students in their field of passion. 

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5. University of Western Ontario

In this institution, three types of undergraduate journalistic degrees are offered to all admitted students, namely:

  • The Media, 
  • Information and 
  • Technoculture. 

This great school ranks among the best journalism colleges in Canada because it offers various courses in each degree program and a mandatory one-month internship. 

Lastly, The one-year master’s degree program offered in the institution pushes a balance of journalism theory and technical training.

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6. University of Guelph-Humber

Ranking number 6 on our list of best journalism universities in Canada is the famous university of Guelph-Humber, which has five areas of emphasis, namely: 

  • journalism, 
  • digital communications, 
  • public relations, 
  • image arts, and
  •  media business. 

Lastly, all admitted Students in the great institution will also graduate with a Diploma of Media Communications and have the option to study abroad.

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7. Ryerson University

Next on my list of best journalism schools in Canada is the famous and outstanding Ryerson University, known to accept 150 students each year to its four-year program and is one of the most competitive institutions in Canada. 

This great institution is one of the best schools in Canada that offers journalism courses, and it now offers a two-year master’s degree program, possibly one of the most reputable in the country.

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8. University of British Columbia

Last on our list of most outstanding journalism universities in Canada is the University of British Columbia, also known as one of the best schools in the country. 

Although the institution doesn’t offer an undergraduate journalism program at the moment, it offers one of the country’s best master’s programs. It has a good acceptance rate with standard building structures/classrooms. 

It might interest you that the full-time graduate degree in this institution is a five-semester program that includes a summer internship. 

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The above listed are our picked institutions in Canada that have made good records in training top journalists. Feel free to ask more questions concerning our list of best journalism schools in Canada. 

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