5 Things You Should Never Hide From Your Partner

5 Things You Should Never Hide From Your Partner

5 Things You Should Never Hide From Your Partner: In a serious relationship, you have to be 100% truthful and open to your partner on various personal matters. This is the only way your partner can take you serious, or value the relationship.

Majority of relationships have secrets, due to some security reasons or personal reasons. But if you really love the person, and you are sure of the relationship, then you shouldn’t hide things from the person you truly love because Love comes with Trust.

In this Article, we will be looking at 5 basic things which you should never hide from that person you truly love.

5 Things You Should Never Hide From Your Partner

5 Things You Should Never Hide From Your Partner
5 Things You Should Never Hide From Your Partner

1. Your Age:

I was good at hiding my age, until it destroyed my first relationship. Hiding your age makes no sense, your partner has the right to know your age, and know if he or she is okay with the age.

No one will want to marry a person with the knowledge of their age. Most people may also wish to lie about their age, but believe me it’s not the best thing to be done. So, be always open about your age and make your partner know how he or she will handle you according to your age.

Your partner should know both your age and birth-date, so he or she can surprise you on that very day or get prepared of a surprise packet. 

2. Your Ex:

Your partner has the full right to know about your ex and most things about the person. You may think if he or she gets to know about your ex, it may bring misunderstanding in the relationship, but the answer is NO. 

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3. Your Health Status:

I had a friend who never told his girlfriend about his health issue, and unknowing to her that he has a serious high blood pressure, which requires him to always be happy at all times. 

So unknowing for the lady, she pranked him of something severe, and that gentleman caught trapped in the prank which lead to a very high boost in his blood pressure, and finally, he was hospitalized for days before he recovered. 

In that situation, who should be blamed, Is it the guy or the girl? 

In my opinion, the person should be blamed because he never told her about his health status / challenges, which would have saved his life. So, this is a pure lesson to couples, not to hide their health challenges from their partner. 

Your partner may also have a solution to your health status, or be of great help if he or she truly loves you. So, it’s very necessary that you shouldn’t hide any of your health challenges from your partner. 

4. Your Best Friend, Even if it’s the opposite sex:

Most people will choose not to tell their partner about their best friend, many because it is the opposite sex. This is true because their partner may get jealous when knowing about the bestie. 

But in another angle, it’s very necessary that he or she knows about that person.

5. Your Business Plans

Your business or plans should not be hidden away from your partner because he or she may have helpful guides for you.

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Your partner is there in your life to support you, guide you, and encourage you in most things you do. So, it will stand as a useless decision to take when your partner is not aware. 

Two heads are better than one, so you might end up getting a good result or better advice when you relate that decision with your partner. And also, your partner will feel happy and valued, whenever you open up to him or her about your plans. 

So, never hide things away from your partner, especially when it comes to matters that relates to above-mentioned. 

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