10 Major Signs of Fake Love You Should Know

10 Major Signs of Fake Love You Should Know
10 Major Signs of Fake Love You Should Know

Love should be experienced by every living creature, but with the right person. So, this article will unveil to you, 10 Natural Signs of Fake Love.

10 Major Signs of Fake Love You Should Know

1. Not Making Plans With You:

Everyone claims to love, but not all Love is real. The significant sign you get from your partner, which proves the love is fake, is when he or she doesn’t make plans with you.

Someone in love, pictures his or her partner in their future because he or she wants to spend time in future with the right person. So if you are the right person, then he or she should talk about the future with you.

So, whenever you are in a relationship, no matter how sweet and enjoying that relationship is, once you notice that your partner doesn’t make plans with you, or discuss anything about his or her plans with you, start making up your mind, to quiet that love because it’s heading nowhere.

2. Comparing You to Their EX:

I call it emotional torture. Comparing your partner with your ex, is the greatest emotional torture you can give to that person, knowing fully well that he or she loves you deeply.

A person who truly loves you, will never in any way dare to compare you with his or her ex. So, whenever your partner starts comparing you to his or her ex, then know that’s the perfect sign of Fake Love.

When you love genuinely, you should be able to accept every imperfection of that person and see ways of correcting that person nicely, without comparing.

But when you compare, that means you are seeing your ex as being better than your partner, which is the biggest emotional torture. And when you torture your partner emotionally, it proves the love is not genuine.

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3. They Abandon You in Your Distress:

True love stands with you in good times and bad times. No love stays when things are okay, and vanishes when things change. If someone clams to love you, then he or she should be available for you always.

The person should be there to guide and encourage you in everything you do, same also with you. You won’t claim to love someone, but you are not present or available for the person in difficult situations, should that define your love?

Love should heal and build, so if your love is not available to heal your partner when he or she is wounded, then consider that a frictional love. So, when your partner is not present for you in your moments of distress, quit that relationship earlier and move on with your life.

4. They Value / Recognize You Only in Their Time of Needs:


I once had a partner who don’t chat me up or text me, if she is not in need. The very moment I get to see her text or call is when she requires something from me. I always do the calling, texting, and chats.

But the moment I get to receive her calls, text, or when she chats me up first on social media, then I will have to expect to do a favor for her, either cash or otherwise. So, I began to sense that fake love, and had to withdraw myself on time.

So, the major/common factor to determine a fake love is through the action of care. When he or she doesn’t show you that care, nor create time to spend with you, unless she or he is in need, then back off and save yourself from the heartbreak.

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4. Break Promises:

Another major sign of fake love is breaking promises. Whenever he or she tends to break all forms of promise on regular bases, then that’s not true love. When a person genuinely loves you, he or she is very attentive and careful not to make you sad, nor break your heart. So that person keeps to his or her promises, no matter the situation. 


Keeping promises is another major sign of true love. So make sure you study that person to know if he or she keeps promising.

5. Often Lies:

A true lover will never lie to his or her partner. So, when that partner of yours, often lies, then note it’s not a genuine love, drop from such fake love, before it eats you up.

I once had a lady who claims to love me, but she often lies to me, she lies with confidence. After so many encounters with her lies, I had to end the relationship just to save myself from future heart damages. So if you have a partner that is full of lies, quit that relationship and save your heart for the right person.

6. Likes to Revenge on You:

Another sign of fake love, is when that person always want to take revenges on you for any mistake you make. He or she wants to avoid believing that humans make mistakes, rather sees it like you deserve a punishment for your mistake.

7. Not Forgiving:

True love forgives and forgets totally, so when your partner doesn’t forgive/forgets some incidents, then that’s a pure sign of fake love. Run away from such love on time, before it’s too late.

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8. Prideful:

When your partner is full of pride, and always sees him or herself bigger than you, and most times sees you have been lucky to have him or her, that is another sign of fake love.

9. Not Thinking About You:

If your partner can stay minutes, hours, or days without any thought of you, nor wanting to hear from you, end that relationship. True love can never stay comfortable without hearing or seeing the partner.

10. Public Display of Love

I usually call it “Public Love”. A public love is a true definition of “fake love”.

Yes, I know many will want to argue this with me, but I still stand my ground with the below points.

Whenever your partner posts you only on social media and showers you with sweet words, but in reality (person), he or she doesn’t act in direction to their words on social media, then that’s totally a Fake Love.

When your partner only shows you love in public (public display), but on the inside, he or she does the opposite, then back off from that relationship.

In Love, your actions also matter and not just your words. Prove your love in action and not just the public display.

Public display of love is okay, but it doesn’t determine true love. Many people are blinded by the public display of love, and that’s how most players get to pass through people’s hearts, just because they are good at displaying you to their friends, telling them you are the best. But the question should be, ARE YOU THE BEST IN THEIR HEARTS?

10 Major Signs of Fake Love You Should Know

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