4 Best Ways To Attract Your Dream Girl

4 Best Ways To Attract Your Dream Girl
4 Best Ways To Attract Your Dream Girl

4 Best Ways To Attract Your Dream Girl: Once upon a time, I had a deep crush on a charming young lady, but had no courage to express my feelings. The love I had for her kept growing high every single moment I see her, but there is no courage to talk to her or even ask her out on a dinner.

Then I came up with some ideas on how to make things work out, without speaking to her. That was when I developed the ideas listed below, which help me grab my dream girl’s attention without many words.

So if you are having sleepless nights thinking about a lady, but zero courage to talk to her, then the below principles which worked for me and watch how perfect the magic will work on her.

4 Best Ways To Attract Your Dream Girl

4 Best Ways To Attract Your Dream Girl

1. Be Humble to Her

Keeping yourself humbled is the first step to captivating your dream girl. Every woman loves a humble man because they felt it’s the true definition of a perfect man.

Make sure you humble yourself every time you are around her. Show her how calm and gentle you can be, just for her. Approach her always in a calm and gentle manner, and watch her fall for your calmness towards her.

Although not every lady loves a gentle or humble personality, but 80 — 90% of girls fall in love with a humble personality because it’s a sign of respect, and no girl will want to be with a man that won’t respect her.

2. Have Faith / Confidence in Yourself:

You have to give yourself the acknowledgment that you can do it. Tell yourself you are capable of her love, and then you can get courage to work up to her.

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Having faith in yourself gives you the ticket to actualizing your dream. So make sure you have full faith in yourself that you can do it, then you will do it.

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3. Always Dress Good:

Women get attracted to what they see, just as men also get attracted to what they see in a lady. So try your best to always dress good and smart.

Dressing smart, makes you look captivating to sight, which is another “pass ticket” to getting your dream girl. Make sure that whenever she meets you, you are in clean clothes, and you also smell good, with your hair well-kept, these are the physical qualities that can attracts a woman.

4. Start Talking:

Make attempts of talking to her, and make sure you make her laugh whenever you talk to her. Try to be funny and always tell her how beautiful she looks.


Don’t be too serious when talking to her, ladies don’t really like too serious somebody. Also remove any atom of pride from the tone of your voice. Pride is the greatest killer, and very advisable for you to take away pride when speaking to her.

Also talk to her with sweet tones, especially when admiring her beauty. Don’t shy away from looking into her eyes when talking. It’s essential to always keep her company with your good words, so she can miss your presence whenever she is bored, and wish you were around to keep her company with your gist.

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