3 Essential Things in a Relationship Apart From Love & Money

3 Essential Things in a Relationship Apart From Love & Money

Many people jump into relationships without knowing the essential things in a relationship, and end up not staying too long, and they jump out heartbroken. This is so because, they only focused on Love / Money.

Indeed, Love is one of the greatest things in every relationship, also money makes the relationship fun and enjoyable. But aside Love and Money, there are 3 valuable things, every couple should consider in their relationship, or else the union is good as NOTHING (Waste of Time).

Below are 3 necessary things that can make a relationship stand. But before that, I will love to tell you the story of a couple I meet years ago.

The sweet partner whom have been together right from their teenage age, and got married, stayed together as a blessed union with kids for 71years when I meet them, and I was so curious to know the reason behind their strong bond even when they had a normal life, without massive wealth.

The woman only smiled and said to me, “Son, Love is not just the bond that keeps a happy relationship”. She clearly quoted that “Love without some vital ingredients is just like a new car without maintenance, and in no distant time, it may break down”.

She continued, “Love is very necessary in a relationship, but Love is not only the greatest”. At that moment, I became more interested in her little story.

She said to me, “LOVE without UNDERSTANDING is NOTHING”



Then I get to fully understand the little secret behind a successful relationship. So let’s look at it in this aspect.

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3 Essential Things in a Relationship Apart From Love & Money

3 Essential Things in a Relationship Apart From Love & Money

1. Understanding:

Every Couple Needs to fully understand themselves because without having a clear of whom your partner is, you will always fight in the relationship, and the love begins to depreciate whenever fighting becomes much.

When you know your partner very well, some little misunderstanding will have no place in your sweet union.

My third relationship was filled with love, but lacked understanding. My partner had a mentality of a foreign personality, while I had the mentality of a typical African guy. So in some situations we both fight on little issue, which if I had understood the personality she was, it could have been much easier for we both to escape some little things, but due to lack of understanding, we fail apart.

So, after hearing from the woman about understanding, I clear got the point which most couples miss. Which is UNDERSTANDING?

2. Trust:

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Indeed, Love without trust is nothing because Truth is the key to keeping a strong bond.

My fourth relationship crushed down because of “TRUST” issues. She never trusted me, then made we both to feel insecure. Also, the lack of truth brought about her going through my phone, messages, and chat. So, if a single chat or photo that seems unsatisfying to her, brings up a quarrel and may lead to hours or days of internal conflict.

So as it continued, the love goes down, till it died off. So, TRUST is another basic thing that should not be looked down on, in a Relationship.

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3. Happiness:

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A relationship with Happiness is good as nothing. So, whenever you notice there is no happiness is your relationship, then call it an END. HAPPINESS is the big KEY to SUCCESSFUL RELATIONSHIP.

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