Why You Should Marry Your Best Friend (11 Reasons)

Why You Should Marry Your Best Friend (11 Reasons)

TwinkleHub offers 11 Major Reasons why you should date or marry your best friend.

Are you falling in love with your Bestie, and don’t really know what to do about it?

Have you been having sleepless nights, thinking if you will date him/her or not?

It’s simple and clear. Your best friend is also known as a bestie, in my opinion, is the best and perfect person for you, as the below will guide you.

I once had a best female friend who knew me from deep inside, and as we move on in our friendship, I began to develop feelings for her, same with her, and eventually, we decided to date each other.

Believe me, that’s the best relationship I have engaged myself in. We had no issues because we knew each other from inside to outside.

Everyone who wants to enjoy his or her home should get married to that best friend that knows her/him deeply, and you will surely not regret it in the future.

Why You Should Marry Your Best Friend

Why You Should Marry Your Best Friend (11 Reasons)

Below are Major stated reasons why it’s necessary/important you should date and marry your best friend.

1. He/She Fully Knows Your Behaviour (Habit).

Your best friend is the only person who knows your habit to the top. He or she has been with you for so long, and has studied every single part of you, fully understands your habit, and is able to deal with it, this will surely lead to a happy relationship.

It is very necessary to get entangled with that person who knows your behavior and how to deal with it. 

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2. Knows Your Failure (Past).

This is another splendid reason why you should date your best friend. He or she knows your failure / your past and will guide you through the future, not to make such mistakes again. Everyone will love to be guided through their failures and fears, and your best friend is the right person to do so.

If you happen to have fallen deeply for your best friend, I assure you date him or her, so that person can lead you through your fears and offer you numerous encouraging words that will guide you through every difficult moment of life. 

3. Knows Your Weakness.

The best way to enjoy a relationship is to stay with the very person who really knows your weakness, and can protect you in that aspect also give you strength in your weak areas. Your best friend will never use your weakness on you, rather will always see that he or she makes you happy at all times.

You will fully enjoy your relationship if your partner becomes your strength in your weak moments. The best person who can be your strength in your weak moments is your best friend because he or she knows your weakness already, and will stand in the gap for you. 

4. Knows Your Likes and Dislikes.

Why won’t you enjoy the relationship when your partner knows all your likes and dislikes? Surely, you will enjoy that union because your best friend will always make you happy with your likes and avoid your dislikes because he or she knows you too well.

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Why You Should Marry Your Best Friend (11 Reasons)

5. Know Each Other Deeply.

Every best friend knows themselves deeply, so every union that brings together two people who know themselves deeply, I bet you, that union will move smoothly without any hindrance.

6. Knows How to Calm You Down When Angry/Bad Mood.

The sweetest part of every marriage or relationship is when your partner knows how to calm you down, when angry or in a bad mood. No one will know you better to calm you down, aside from the person you have spent so many moments with, which is no one besides your best friend.

7. Knows Your Passion.

Your best friend who has you in mind knows your passion and will always do things to make you enjoy that passion of yours.

Passion is what keeps everyone moving, so get married to that person who knows your passion and will help build it, just to keep you happy at all times. 

8. Knows How To Make You Happy.

A best friend is the right person who knows the plug to your happiness. Happiness is the key to a successful relationship/marriage. Your best friend is the sure plug to making you happy always because he or she knows fully how to make you happy, and how to make you enjoy the relationship. 

9. Familiar With Your Family.

Your best friend is well familiar with the members of your family, which gives him or her an easy pass/approval in the relationship.

Everyone is delighted when a family has full approval of his/her relationship. Dating or marrying your best friend, won’t be an issue for your family because they will give a quick approval as they have already known that person for a long. 

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10. Knows You Better Than You Do.

Yes, you all will agree with me if only you have a best friend, that the bestie of yours knows you more than you do, and he/she is also the right person to offer you all the joy you need because he or she knows you deeper than you know yourself.

Why You Should Marry Your Best Friend (11 Reasons)

11. Will Never Break Your Heart Because They Love You Right.

True love will never leave you nor break your heart. Your best friend is that sure person who loves you the right way, by loving you as a friend and as a partner. 

Every best friend will love you genuinely and can never break your heart, but will rather stay with you through difficult moments of your life. 

The best love you can get or the best of all relationships is dating your best friend. That person is the sure plug to your happiness and also the right person to offer you all the peace you need in a relationship. 

Dating or marrying that person that fully knows you, will offer you all the best in your union. So Twinkle-Hub fully recommends you to date your best friend if you have one and have fallen in love with him or her. 

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