10 Quick Ways To Forget Your Ex 

10 Quick Ways To Forget Your EX 

Are you finding it difficult to forget your Ex? Twinkle-Hub offers you quick/helpful ways to forget your Ex and the painful memories.

It’s difficult to forget someone you have created a good bond with, especially the person whom you have spent good moments with.  

Forgetting your Ex is a very difficult task to successfully accomplish because the memories are fixed to the brain, making it very difficult to let go off that person.

Love is a good thing, but also has its painful part, most especially when you were in a romantic relationship with someone, and it sadly ended. Trying to forget that person and move on, can make you hate Love and wish never to be in love.

It was very difficult for me to forget my first love or let her memories always go, but keeping her memories in me hurts more than losing money. It pained me more because I so much loved her, never thought the relationship will one day end.

But after a long period of time (months), I was able to get over her, just by applying the below techniques. So if you really want to forget that past relationship and the partner (your ex), then follow the below 10 listed quick ways, and you will wake up one day, having zero memories of that person (Your EX).

Ways To Forget Your Ex

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1. Stop Being Curious About Your Ex.

The curiosity of your ex will make it difficult for you to forget him or her. You can never forget your ex when you are always curious about him/her.

I was always curious about my ex even after the breakup, which was the part that killed me more, but at some point, I gradually reduced the level of my curiosity for her and saw myself forgetting about her and not picturing her presence anymore. I also stopped the stopped myself from wanting to know how she is doing. With that method, I was able to get over her by 10%.

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2. Pack Away All Your Ex Belongings.

This is an essential step to take, as it will offer you a 20% chance to forget your ex. Make sure you take away all that belongs to your ex from your room, or you can dump them far away from your sight.

When I mean taking away everything, make sure it’s everything about that person, which also includes all sent messages and even the photos of your ex, if possible.

Also, take away all gifts bought by your ex because it won’t help you forget the person. Every belonging or the stuff of your ex that is kept around you will still remind you of the person, which will make it difficult for you to get over the person. 

Make sure you take away all stuff that belongs to your ex, then you are rolling into a 20% chance of wiping away all painful memories of that person/relationship.

3. Avoid All Places You Do Hangout With Your Ex.

In most relationships, the partners do have a meeting place, where they spend some time for themselves. In some cases, deep/strong memories are created there, which makes it difficult to forget that person if you keep visiting those places after a breakup. 

I will advise you to take a stop from visiting every place you do go with your ex, so you can have a 30% chance of forgetting him/her, and moving on. Every moment you visit that place, you will surely get a fresh love moment of the past, which will surely hurt you.

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So if you really want to forget that Ex of yours, then avoid all your hangout places, so you will have your 30% chance of forgetting him or her. 

4. Forget All Good Memories With Your Ex.

It’s essential to forget all good memories with your ex. When you still keep memories of the person, then you will be making it difficult to forget him or her.

Never and never remember all good memories spent with your ex, and once you can do this, then you are having your 40% chance of forgetting him or her.

5. Remember Why Your Relationship Ended.

Yes, thought of why the relationship ended will boost your chances of forgetting him or her to 50%.

You have to keep reminding yourself of why the relationship ended, and also picture a brighter part of the future for yourself, having in mind that the perfect one for you will soon come.

The reasons why relationships ended, will help you to forget that person so much because the reasons are a strong pillars to why you both won’t come back again. Having a clear understanding and a regular reminder of why it ended will boost your chances of getting over your ex by 50%.

6. Hangout With Best Friends.

10 Quick Ways To Forget Your Ex 

Having out with best friends who understood your situation, will surely help you forget your ex and his/her memories.

Spend most of your outdoor time with friends instead of being alone. They will surely help you get away the memories of your ex.

Hang out with fun friends, and you have 60% of erasing your ex memories for good.

7. Spend More Time With Family.

Family is another good solution to forgetting your ex. I spent more time with my family, especially my siblings, and it helped me forget my ex very fast.

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Instead of staying alone in your room which might even lead to your depression, then take a step to join your family in the leaving room or garden and have fun together, and it will roll you over to 70% chance of deleting your ex from your life.

8. Create a Busy Schedule (Time Table).

This is another important aspect you should consider doing, and you will gain 80% slot to forgetting your ex.

Make a timetable of your daily schedule, and make sure it’s occupying you with interesting things, so you can be busy doing things that please you, and by doing so, you quickly forget your ex. 

9. Stop Chatting Your Ex.

You can never forget your ex if you keep the door of conversations open.

You will get a 90% quick chance of your ex, if only you avoid every unnecessary chat with him or her because memories are difficult to go when you don’t cut off linking ropes like chats.

Cut off the robe of conversations between your ex, and you will be surprised at how quickly you will forget your ex. 

10. Stop Talking About Your Ex.

This is the final part to deal with, and you will be 100% done and dusted with that person (your ex).

I hope the above listed helps you to quickly forget all the painful memories of your ex.

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